Sex Bomb pics

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  1. Who has a Tano Sex Bomb? I think I've decided I want one, and although I went to a boutique yesterday, they didn't carry that style. But I got to see and feel the crunch leather, so I won't be surprised by that if I order online.

    I am mostly debating between Papaya Orange and Scarlet Red because so many sites have different photos that make them look completely different. So any real life pics of those two colors would be wonderful, but I'd love to see any pics of the Sex Bomb (wearing it, the inside, etc.) just to get a better feel for the bag and how big it is. Is the lining always purple?

    I don't normally wear large bags, and I while I see the measurements, it is still hard to tell if it looks big or medium when it is worn. THANKS!
  2. Thanks! I've seen the Tano site and I really like the stock pic used for the Papaya Orange color. But musthavebag uses their own photos, and their Papaya color looks considerably lighter than the stock photo.

    The Papaya option here:

    is so much lighter than this (which is the Papaya, as the other two color options have a swatch placed on the bag to show the actual color):

    I really like the deeper color, but not the lighter. I am not looking for a genuinely red bag or a really orange bag, but rather a hybrid between the two. I was hoping if someone had real-life pics I could gain a greater understanding of which was the actual color.
  3. Hiya! Okay here we go.
    These are all TRUE TO LIFE because I took them myself in my own backyard...
    We have papaya orange, caribbean blue and cobalt.

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  4. Thank you! Wow, you have three Sex Bombs? Fantastic! Now you have me thinking the cobalt is gorgeous, too. I hate being indecisive! But it does look like the orange is the lighter color, so that rules it out for me (though it is gorgeous, I was just looking for a deeper color).
  5. I know, isn't it terrible?? :P I have a black one coming tomorrow. The cobalt is a beautiful color!!! The papaya I sent back, actually because I wanted it much brighter and didn't like that it looked too "cognac" for my taste. I'm jonesing for a red one, but they're hard to find. Here's a picture of the Jet Setter from last season made with tag leather in Olive Green. A fave fave fave.....

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  6. I saw the lambskin bags from this season in person and while they are gorgeous, they look far too delicate for me! I don't know if the tag leather is lambskin or not, though, but that bag is gorgeous!

    I've been considering the scarlet Sex Bomb, too, but I cannot decide. I didn't actually want a RED bag, but something a little more in-between. A darker red/orange bag would have been perfect! I love the cobalt now, but I'm trying to consider how versatile it would be with my wardrobe. *sigh* If only I could order all of them!
  7. Well, I got my Scarlet Red Sex Bomb today and I'm not sure I like the color.
    It's not quite as "RED" as I had's kinda orange? But it is red...I don't know....
    What do you think????

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  8. I think it looks lovely...but maybe you were looking for a deeper red? I can't remember who had this, but fashionflairs used to have the Miss Understood - did they have it in red velvet (?) too at one point? Maybe it's the type of leather with this red that's not quite floating your boat?
  9. I don't know! Maybe it's that it's not soaked with color, you know?
    I held it up to an outfit - a really nice grey skirt and just a white t, and it was adorable.
    I guess there's a lot it goes with....I just wanted like Dracula Red. I don't know if the Fall colors that MHB will have special ordered will be much different (there was some red that was coming out)....
  10. I just bought the Miss Congeniality in red, and I really love the paprika color instead of red-red. I far prefer it, in fact, so I think your Sex Bomb is perfect!

    But don't keep it if it isn't the shade you really wanted.
  11. I think this color is so rich and lovely. I can't imagine a redder bag being more attractive than this one! Enjoy it!
  12. jchiara - you should line up all your sexbombs together for a rainbow portrait! They all look lovely!
  13. Here's more pictures...

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  14. See? On you, it looks fabulous...something about it just sitting's needs to be contrasted against something, not just laying there! :smile: That's my opinion!