Sex And The City Movie A Go!!!!!!!

  1. reports filming begins in September!
  2. YAY!!!! I :heart: Sex and the City!
  3. YAYYYYYY!!!!!!! I still miss SITC SOOOO Much:crybaby:..I am sooo happy, but its gonna be weird going to a theatre and watching instead of in my living rrom with my friends and cocktails.

    I want carrie and big to get married and charlotte to get pregnant when she gets her new adopted daughter, lol. Doy oyu think they'll have it start where they left off or have it have been a few years
  4. FINALLY!!!! LOVE this show. Can't wait for the movie.
  5. Hooorrraaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!
  6. "Break out the Manolos, the long-awaited "Sex and the City" movie is allegedly finally going ahead.

    Speculation has been rife for a while that the movie was stalling due to in-fighting between the stars.

    But apparently Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis AND Kim Cattrall have all signed on the dotted line to do the film.

    The series originally ran from 1998 to 2004, with the final, much hyped episode seeming to draw a line under the lives of its fabulous lead characters.

    Carrie finally ended up with Mr Big, Miranda with Steve, Charlotte with Harry and Samantha with eye-candy Smith.

    No-doubt fans will be eager to hear what the scriptwriters have in store for the girls on the big screen.

    Book your tickets to New York early, as shooting reportedly starts in September."
  7. Yes...finally! I can't wait to see it. :smile:
  8. I just remembered the clothes, shoes, and bags! :drool::drool: Can't wait to see what the girls will be wearing. I wonder if Patricia Field be the stylist...
  9. :yahoo:
  10. OMG i can't wait!!! i saw this on TMZ too! I emailed SO that we are def going to see that lol!
  11. Can't wait. I loved that show and still watch reruns, never get tired of them.
  12. I am so going to that movie looking fabulous and with a shaker of cosmos!!!
  13. Did somebody say Cosmos?

    I'm in! :drinkup:
  14. I was wondering what was gonna replace my TDWP fix:wlae:
  15. ^I'm with you Cosmopolitan! How ya been?