Sex and the City may come back again!

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  1. Inside TV Magazine reports:

    Sarah Jessica Parker the rest of the lovely ladies from Sex and the City might return for new episodes next year.

    The mag says that homo honcho Darren Star and HBO are trying to lure the cast - Parker, Kim Catrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon - with promises of more money for less work.

    I'd be happy if this comes back on the air. SJP's gap ads will take a long time to live down - and maybe now that Kim Catrall has a few bombs under her Gucci belt (Ice Princess, Crossroads) she'll back down on her demands.
  2. I havent even seen the first ones, I better start watching!
  3. I honestly thought it was a requirement of womanhood to watch Sex and the City - and to affiliate yourself with one of the women. So many women say they're a Carrie (which is so cliche) - but I'm a Miranda/Samatha hybrid.
  4. hahaha yeah it probably is, but I'm always super busy with school bleh, I get to watch television I actually WANT to watch once in a blue moon :sad: I buy the dvd sets thinking i'll watch them but I've had LOST since it came out and haven't gotten through an episode yet :lol:
  5. I totally understand and scheduling your life around TV should never be a priority. But it's become such a phenomenon among women, and I think many women actuallly bond over it. You can take two polar opposite women (provided they don't have strong cultural views against promiscuity), put them in a room with some Sex and The City DVDs and they'll have something to talk about.
  6. haha I bet thats true. A lot of my friends talk about it. Sad to say, I wont be bonding over it anytime soon. I haven't even seen Desperate Housewives :sad:
  7. OOOOOhhhh I hope this happens!! I have a shirt that says "I'm a Samantha". My 3 good friends have all the others and we would put them on when we all watched the show together-- I know, lame!:embarasse
  8. Certainly not lame, Megs. Any group of ladies who just happen to watch the same show always end up playing the "which character are you" game.

    So you're a Samantha? Lucky Vlad! :lol:
  9. He thinks so too!!:toung:

    (At least he BETTER!!!)
  10. YAY!

    I luv Sex and the City! I didn't have much time to watch it everytime (when it was on), but whenever I had the chance I always drool over Carrie's outfits!
  11. Chemlex, why do you say SJP will have to live those ads down? I personally saw nothing wrong with those commercials-what she needs to go hide under a rock for is that horrid perfume!!! YECK!:Push:
  12. It'd be so awesome if SATC came back on tv!!
  13. Here in Italy 'Lovely' perfume is not for sale yet, but I have recently read the opinions of American people who use it and they all speak about it enthusiastically. Fendifemale, have you tried it? What is it like?
  14. Girl, YES! I made the mistake of jamming that tester up to my nose in Foley's while I was in Houston one day. It blew me away with the potent content. So I gave it the benefit of the doubt and sprayed a cue card-fanned- and walked around a bit so it could air out. Talk about str8 GRANDMA after it settled. But what did I expect from someone who said and I quote: "I never stick to ONE scent. I always blend my favorites together." Big no-no!
  15. I am watching SATC right now, the first season. I figured I need to start somewhere!