Sex and the City! Ignore the other thread!


What Sex and the City character are you????

  1. Carrie

  2. Charlotte

  3. Miranda

  4. Samantha

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  1. Sorry for posting it again but I forgot to include a poll! So, here is the same post.

    Ok, I am STILL obsessed with that show! I have all DVDs, the soundtrack, and two editions of "Kiss and Tell" book. I just love it! And I know many PF members like it, too. SO...

    Are you more like Miranda? Carrie? Samantha? Charlotte? What's your favorite episode?

    I am more like Charlotte...

    My favorite episode is the one where Carrie turns 35 and when Samantha arranges for everyone to meet at a restaurant, Carrie is the only one that shows up and ends up paying for dinner and birthday cake.

    What are you?
  2. I am more like Miranda but not the way she dresses or looks. I like the girls all for different reasons. I love Carries hair and wardrobe, I love Charlottes innocence, I love Mirandas strength and sensebility, I love Samanthas sex life.......

    My favorite episode was when Carrie was in the Fashion show, best line: "oh my god shes fashion roadkill!"

    I miss the show alot!!!

  3. Carrie. and my fav. episode is "hot child in the city" and also the one where Carrie gets broken up with by a post it note, and then gets busted smoking a joint. Both really fun episodes, and both...for no good reason, about pot.
  4. I'm probably more like Carrie but I definitely have some Miranda in me too!
  5. I think I'm a mix of the 4!
  6. When the show ended there was a girl that was posting on the HBO board for Sex and the city.She had somehow made up about 10 CD's with songs from the show.They are amazing.some of the songs were never released in this country and some were heard only on the show,never widely released anywhere.I have no idea how she did it.Remember that cool french rap song in the final episode?It was on there as well.She was so sweet,she made them for only the cost of the CD's and postage.She even designed covers on each CD.
  7. I bought that CD from her!!!! She was selling them on Ebay. I love all the songs!!!
  8. I guess I'm more Carrie.

    I love the 'fleet week' show. It reminds me of being in New York during fleet week.
  9. Def Charlotte, if couldn't already tell from my avatar.:biggrin:
  10. I'm more Charlotte than anything else.
  11. Please tell me what happened to Charlotte's husband Harry!
  12. My roomates in college and I always joked about it and named each other each character. I was Samantha. I bought all of us tank tops that said "I'm a Carrie" "I'm a Charlotte" "I'm a Miranda" "I'm a Samantha". I still have that tank and wear it to bed!
  13. I have all the discs and do watch them all the time. Never get tired of them! I love the episode when they all went to atlantic city and some guy told miranda to move her big a** and charlotte said her a** is not normally that big...she had a baby! Then Carrie asked the guy whats his excuse because he had a big gut!!

    Also loved when samantha ran up the stairs with a pearl thong on to catch richard with another woman and then she broke up with him because she said "I love you, but I love me more".....great line!!!:yes:
  14. Definitely Carrie... She's so weak when she's in love. Remember when she didn't want to cheat on Aiden but when she was w/Mr. Big, she just melted. Carrie also has a great collection of shoes and bags.

    My favorite eppisode is when Carrie lost her Manolo and wanted the girl who threw the party to pay her back. When the girl didn't want to pay $480, Carrie left a message, saying she's getting married and she's registered at Manolo Blanik.

    Does anyone know where i can get that CD from the girl that your guys mentioned earlier... ?
  15. Could you post some of the song titles? That sounds like a great CD:love: