Sex and The City filming on 5th Ave

  1. OMG ladies- I just got to work, signs all over for NO Parking- Filming.
    I look in someone's car to see the movie sheets to Sex and The City.
    It said, "Filming 7am - 1am- Exteriors of Tiffanys, Scene Knock Off Handbags"

    OOOH I started laughing and laughing, I'm going to walk over during lunch. SO, who says Carrie harrasses a street vendor? LOL Oh I loved the show and am SO happy it is filming. :wlae:
  2. OMG!! So cool! Report back if you see more!!!
  3. i saw it too! they were also doing some late last night around 8:30ish.

    part of me doesn't want to see any of the filming going on so it isn't spoiled... but that other part of me is dying to see just one glimpse of a fabulous outfit or bag:yahoo:
  4. oooh i wish i was there to see this..... Damn! Keep us posted!!!!
  5. I wonder if they'll be doing any on NEXT Sunday, I'll be in town, I have to drop my friend at the airport.
  6. ^i'm sure they'll be filming around here for quite awhile... unless carrie decides to go back to the russian and they jet off to paris:p