Sex and the City (Complete Series) for $154.99!!

  1. They have it at for $154.99!!! Just grabbed one for myself. Such a good gift!!
  2. Lol, in england at Zaavi, its £49.99 ($100 approx) :biggrin:
  3. borders is currently running 40% all boxed dvd sets till tmr! :smile:
  4. Do you know how much it comes out to at Borders with the 40%?
  5. the only problem w/borders is that the coupon is off the full price which is $299.99, so the 40% off is a joke! I tried to get the Friends complete set about 3 weeks ago when they were doing the 40% off dvd box set coupons and online at borders it said the set was $162.99 so I was thinking I was gonna get it for $98 but NOOOO. When I got to borders they said it was $299.99 then 40% off that. So it came out to more than they were selling it for online.
  6. ^borders online is run by Amazon, and so the prices are different. you have to go instore to see the real prices.
  7. I'm still so depressed that I missed the $79.99 deal with Best Buy. I told DH about it and I was hoping he'd buy it right then for Christmas for me, but his lazy butt took too long and they sold out. Tried to price match at the store but they wouldn't do it. :sad: Now I'm in denial, in the hopes that it will get marked down like that again.
  8. They have it at sam's club for about $135.

  9. same thing happened to me..I wanted to buy the Shrek trio box set (LOL) and it was already 20% off, so I gave her my Border's 20% off coupon, thinking it would be 40% off total, and she took my coupon and the price didn't change at I asked her to take the 20% off bc I had a coupon, and she said it already was 20% off and marked down as a promo (and she was still going to take my coupon from me, even though I couldn't use it!!!) So, when you think about it, sometimes a sale price is better than taking 20 or 40% off the original list price.