Sex and The City Collector's Edition Giftbox?

  1. Does anyone have it? It's just a box with all the DVD's from all seasons and an extra DVD with features, games, quizzes, etc. I believe it costs around $199.00 at Best Buy. I want it REALLY bad but can't really afford it right now. Is it worth buying it though? I have all DVDs already, which I bought separately, but most of them were used before me and are really scratched up. Should I buy it when I have the money for it?
  2. My sister bought it for me last Xmas. It's in a box with pink suade cover. Very girly and cute.
    It has all the dvds from the series and some additional bonus discs.
    Very worth it. I still watch it from time to time.
  3. I definitely recommend saving up for it. I received it for my b-day last year and have not just let it sit on a shelf. It's so pretty and easy to grab what DVD you need easily. It has lot of fun extras and a small synopsis on each page. Its a must for Sex and the city fans. :smile:
  4. target has it for 180.00 but i have most of the dvds already.
  5. I have it, its pretty awesome ;)
  6. I definately recommend it! I got it when it first came out, I think best buy had it for $150 or so, and then I sold all of my old sets on Amazon for $120, so it didn't cost too much extra. I didn't think I was going to get it, but when I saw it, I had to have it! :love:
  7. I have it. Well worth it.
  8. it looks like a little shoe box, very cute.
    Have you tried ebay, you may be able to pick up a pre watched copy for less money. If not, would make a great christmas gift :smile:
  9. You usually see them floating around ebay from time to time, also during sales on Amazon it goes down by quite abit so be sure to keep an eye out!
  10. I have it! My mom got it for me for my birthday in March. I've seen it on sale at Target for $159.99, but not lately.

    I'm really happy I have it so I think it's worth the money (lol, even though I didn't pay for it)!:yahoo:
  11. I have it, but I have to say that the bonus material isn't all that great at all.
  12. I bought it the day it was released-I like the packaging and the fact the whole series is there but the bonus material is no big deal.
  13. I already have the whole set but my cases ALL broke?! WTF?! I hate that. I was sooo tempted to buy the deluxe box set but instead my mom got me this really pretty CD case and I put all my disks in there and went on and printed out the titles for each season and put that in each section. Now I have my own book o' satc and it only cost a few bucks!