Sex and the City 2!!!


Sep 5, 2007
That's crazy!:nuts:

Haha I'm a fan of course, and I love them to bits, but what else is there to see?? Samantha and her retirement party ? btw I'd love to see her and Richard getting back together.


Oct 22, 2006
Sydney, Australia
I love SATC and will definitely see the 2nd movie when it eventually comes out, but I have to say I don't think it will be great. I mean, the concept of the show was 4 single gals navigating their way through the dating scene. Now, with the exception of Samantha, they are all married. I really wonder what will be the storyline of the 2nd movie. Carrie having a baby? (Which I have never imagined).


Jul 22, 2008
Sex and the City Sequel: What We Won't Be Seeing!

Los Angeles (E! Online) – A script for the Sex and the City sequel isn't even written yet, but one thing that we probably won't be witnessing again is something as dramatic as Carrie being left at the altar.

"In the last movie, I thought [the fans] wanted to see an epic and violently tragic love story, and drama, but I don't think you go to that candy store twice," the film's writer and director, Michael Patrick King, said last night during a Writers Guild panel discussion in L.A. "You can't try to do what you did already, so you come up with a different tone that you like."

While all four leading ladies—Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon—have agreed to return, it's still unclear whether Jennifer Hudson will do the same.

The Oscar winner joined the cast to play Louise, Carrie's assistant, who marries and moves back to her native hometown of St. Louis.

King revealed that he had to fight for Hudson: "It was originally supposed to be Isla Fisher, but I didn't agree with that at all."

Why? Because diversity in Sex and the City, King explained, was long overdue.

"It can't be called Sex and the City without a little color—it's just wrong," he said to applause. "Women are very nice when they figure out who I am. And the only negative comment I ever got about the series was every now and then, some woman of color—whether it'd be Latina or an African-American—they'd stop and say, 'Where are the sisters?' in my ear, and I was like, 'Yeah, where are they?' "


on the avenue
Mar 30, 2007
......i adore the show more than words can say, but i had mixed feelings about the first film.....and i feel the same about this....what else will Michael Patrick King unravel to reweave yet again?


Jun 18, 2008
I agree that it's overdone as well, but like others I'll definitely be seeing it. The characters are so lovable and we feel like we know them so well by now that it doesn't matter!