Sewing Machine can you recomend a good one

  1. I am taking sewing classes and I need a good sewing machine. I just want an easy one Simple but good. I just want to make tops and dresses and stuff. Nothing Heavy Duty. Maybe sewing up some jeans of mine as well. Does anyone know of any good brand. I would like to buy a used one on eBay or craigslist if i can.. thanks
  2. I like [SIZE=-1]Pfaff.
  3. Do you have a serger? To make clothing "the right way" you need a serger. What I did was bought a $150.00 Singer sewing machine from Wal-Mart(which isnt the best, but works pretty darn good) and spent the majority of my money on a good serger.
    I would recommend a Janome sewing machine though. That is my next purchase, they usually run about $300.00. I would absolutely not go within 300 feet of a 'Brother' machine. Now some people might beg to differ, but I have had nothing but troubles with the Brother brand and so has my best friend.
    If you dont want to spend a lot of money, try going to your local sewing shop or quilting boutique to see if anyone has a machine for sale. They usually have a bulletin board full of "for sale" and "wanted" items.
    Good luck!
  4. I have a brother and love it because it got me through college and I got it to sew charmeuse! Basic machine 16 stitch modes. Singer is good. My mom owns a old Viking (Husquvanna) which has been going for 36 years strong.

    I agree with "Queen" just get a nice Singer from Wal-Mart or other store that is having a machine sale. I think looking on craigslist is a good idea too because then you can see the condition they are in, in person. As well as quilt shops or say JoAnn's who may have signs up.
  5. I have a Huskystar that I got from Joann's Husqvarna store inside the store. It was the floor model and had only been on the floor for 2 months. It was only like $50 more then the buying the Singer from Wal-Mart and you'll be better off in the long run.

    I will say that my aunt just bought a Husqvarna Rose and wow - that puts my Huskystar to shame it sews so nicely. You really can tell a difference.

    I guess the question is what are you going to be making??? I basically make purses so it fits my needs great and really is a nice machine.
  6. My serger and sewing machine are Singers. I like them because I can see what I am doing. They are also high quality, low maintenance machines which do not cost a whole lot of money. Like any other brand of sewing machines they range from absolutely simple to having way more features and stitches than you'll ever use!
    The best advice when shopping for machines is to actually test them. Every sewing machine shop will let you do that. Also, the sellers offer great after the sale service and you know where to take your machine when it does need cleaning, repair or service done to it. Yes, do buy the machine from a reputable seller...not WalMart! Believe it or not, their prices are competitive and what's more, they can actually give you information about the machine. Once you establish a relationship with your sewing shop, they go out of their way to keep you coming back by offering deals on new machines, service and accessories.
  7. I have two sewing machines.. an industrial(and very old) Singer... and also a home everyday sewing machine that is also a Singer. I would reccommend a Singer by far... they are very easy to use and pretty good quality! Maybe check out an appliance store near you? I know they have Vacuum and Sewing machine stores everywhere.
  8. I love my Pfaff (despite the fact that lately i have had some issues with it, but its been mostly good) try and buy the display models. They are practically brand new (because a new model comes out every week) and you save at least 30%.

    It also has dual feeding feet (one on top and one on bottom) meaning sewing fabrics are easier as they slide through the machine, its not much but it is a god send!
  9. I have a Brother computerized one that I got (refurbished) on eBay. It works great for me, but I only do "around the house" type projects, like sewing curtains and repairing clothes with it. Plus, well, it's cute.....and that matters :p.
  10. I would recommend Elna or Janome (according to a friend of mine who sells both brands many of their machies are made in the same factory). I have an Elna 6005 and I'm very happy with it.Here's a link!
  11. Singers definately. My mum had the same singer machine for YEAAARS & it was still working perfectly until we decided to part exchange it for a smaller one I could take back & forth to college last year.