sewing challenged

  1. so i like to try and save money by sometimes making my own totes or bags. and today i finishes my new creation. i think it came out ok. i am the worst at using a sewing machine though. But i have the cutest bf ever and he helped me with his junior high home ec skills :love:

    what do you guys think??




  2. Ooo that looks quite good actually, good job!
  3. OMG, so pretty! You did a great job!
  4. that looks realy pretty!!

    great job!!!
  5. Cute bag!
  6. thanks everyone. :smile:

    any suggestions on what colors or patterns i could use next??
  7. Something summery perhaps?
  8. yeah thats a good idea. i bought the materials for this tote months ago it was supossed to be my "spring" time purse lol i hope i dont lag on this next one.

    oooooooo i can make like a beach tote to put like sandles, sun screen and snacks and stuff in it.

  9. that's very creative if you :yes:
  10. Bravo!! You did a beautiful job! I am so impressed when anyone takes it upon themselves to sew anymore!
    Keep it up and you will save yourself so much $!!
    I'm not particularly skilled with a machine, but I certainly know the basics. ( it has come in very handy at times)
    Your bag is lovely!
  11. owww it is soo cute... i dont really like the handle, but the flowery pattern is just soooo cute !!!!!!!!!!!
  12. That is adorable! The first thing I thought of was "new moms", prolly because all my sisters and sisters-in-law seem to be having babies constantly. I make baby quilts for them but I bet they would love a handmade bag too! There is a really cute line of fabrics called "Aunt Gracie" by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Brothers you should check out. They are 1930's-reproduction fabrics in lots of bright colors and cute designs and they'd make really sweet bags. Just a thought!