Sewer Cats?

  1. Are there such cats in existence? I was taking the trash out and I saw a cat run from my front porch and into the sewer/drainage:wtf: . Its kind of eerie. On top of that, it was a fat cat. Probably eating dead rats and crap:yucky: . Freaked me out! No one on my street has cats. We all have dogs. I'm actually scared.
  2. Ugh! I hope like crazy that it's not living in the sewer. Maybe it's just lost? Usually stray cats are pretty lean.
  3. Yes there are sewer cats...they get really huge, come out at night and eat designer bags. Be afraid, be very afraid!
  4. ^^^ No, i've heard this cat at nights. The first couple of times I heard it meowing (around midnight) I thought it was a set up. My cousin sent me an email of how predators would use a cat to lure single women out of their home (because women are supposed to have a soft spot for a lost cat). THEN, a few weeks later, I was going out on my deck and I saw the cat in MY BACKYARD. It squeezed its fat ass through the fence/trees into my neighbor's yard when it saw me.

    Could it be poisonous?
  5. Selena STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm actually very afraid of cats for some reason. I shiver when they look at me.
  6. LOL You would not like my cat then!!! :smile:

  7. OMG. Thank God you're not a cat phobia therapist.
  8. LOL! I'm sorry I'm laughing, but I'm sure it's nothing. Cats are nothing to be afraid of. It's either someone's pet and has managed to come for a visit in your neighbourhood, or maybe it is a stray and just got spooked by you taking out the garbage, ran to the first place it saw to hide.

  9. ROFLMAO!!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

  10. A poisonous cat?!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I'm sorry, but there is definitely no such thing as a poisonous cat! If it does live around the sewer, it might have grubby paws (although, being a cat, it probably keeps itself pretty clean), but it certainly won't be poisonous!!! :lol:

    If it is a stray, I doubt very much that it lives in the sewer, because most cats don't like water.

    It probably just catches its dinner (rats and mice) around the entrance. :yes:
  11. I am cracking up:roflmfao: :roflmfao: ...and Selena posting the pic of your cats could be considered EVIL...they are a little scary looking:graucho: ...even for a cat lover:smile: !!!
    Envyme...I think you are safe....I have never heard of a poisonous cat!!!!
  12. envyme, I hate to scare you ,but there are sewer rats that can get as large as a small cat. Are you sure it wasn't a rat that you saw?:wtf:
  13. ...or a racoon maybe? They're big and fat and sometimes do live in sewers.
  14. This thread is funny. Sorry. I don't think there are sewer cats, but cats who live in sewers. What I mean is: there are stray cats in our neighborhood, and they go in and out of the sewer to get shelter(yes I know it's very sad, I feel so bad for them.) But they only use the sewer for a quick shelter, they are usually under someone's backyard deck(another place where I've seen them.)
    Selena, I LOVE your kitties!! Spyhnx's are sooo cute!
  15. You guys are so cute! Lol...

    I always wanted to ask this: How do hairless cats keep warm?