Sevruga Black Available

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  1. I decided on the Cosmos WOC instead and will be returning the Severuga WOC in black on Sunday. Price is $995USD. Box and autheticity card in tact. PM for SA info.
  2. thanks for posting! Just curious why did you decide on the cosmos over the sevruga? Im having the same dilemma :0) I have never seen either irl..
  3. I just prefered the look of the quilted vs. caviar. They are like two extremes; double quilted and plain caviar. Keelp in mind that the cosmos is a shiny goatskin, it is almost like a matte patent and the "CC" is much smaller. The Sevruga is a nice understated WOC. It was a tough decsion.
  4. I may just return mine as well. :sad:
  5. But you look so good and sleek with your black Sevruga! Does yours give you problem like some other experienced?
    I also like the quilted WOC, but prefer the Reissue or Classic CC styles rather than the Cosmo or Halfmoon. I have a quilted reissue WOC which is why I decided on the red Sevruga this time round.
  6. I ordered the black sevruga and its on its way to me now, (the cosmos is readily availalble at my local chanel) but im hesitant in keeping it bc of the quality issues ive read here on tpf. Now im thinking of maybe getting a halfmoon also...
  7. There were no quality issues with the particular bag I had. No marks or scratches. It is a sleek look and that is why it was a tough choice. It was not reasonable to have both. I might change my mind again if the silver color ever surfaces.:biggrin:

    The cosmos that I looked at in store had a slight mark on it, but I think that when a bag is displayed and handled things like this is bound to happen. I ordered from NM locker stock to ensure that I get an item that was never on display.
  8. I was a bit disappointed to read about the quality issues on the Sevruga WOC initially. But on hindsight, I also remembered reading how blue roi lamb classic WOC, metallic grey WOC and embossed camelia WOC not holding up well. There are also many complaints about loose threads and other quality issues even on classic flaps, GST, etc., voiced in the forum lately. Some owners of these Sevruga are pretty happy with them and its sold out in many places especially in Red. I will keep mine if it comes in a flawless condition, its too pretty to pass up!
    For me, the halfmoon WOC is lacking a little in the look department. Its roomy and hardy no doubt. Its roundish shape is nice as a clutch but a bit strange to be a wallet.
  9. I have not seen the Cosmo WOC irl, only in pictures. I read you mentioned its double-quilted. You may want to inspect the quilt stitches carefully to make sure there are no loose threads, etc.
    I love quilted WOC but my reissue WOC quilt stitches do have a little fraying on the threads after having it for a while. I guess being a WOC, it swings and rubs against the hip/body pretty often and I sometimes put it inside my big tote when I travel. But having said that, the reissue WOC are very hardy, its corners are perfect and no scratches whatsoever, my only complaint is a little fraying on the quilted threads. That is why I'm actually relieved Sevruga is not quilted.
  10. After reading about Sevruga, I was alittle concerned. I received mine from NM in perfect condition. It is very sleek looking and I love the CC emblem. I hope it will hold up!!
  11. ^^I just got mine today also. It was in perfect condition! I love it!
  12. norma haynes & gators, Congrats!
    I love the faceted CC emblem as well and how sleek it looks, so relieved and glad to know yours are perfect. I have 2 (1 for a friend) waiting for me to unwrap when I get home next Fri, I hope they are both immaculate!
  13. How about the material and the feel though? Don't you think it feels a little fake? I just got mine, and I'm contemplating on returning it.
  14. you girls are very lucky. Maybe Chanel isnt my thing. I received my sevruga today and theres a slight scratch on it, but I think its just hte leather? I scratched another part of the bag and it did the same thing. Seems like the leather is pretty fragile, so Im not as concerned about that. What really annoys me is that the authenticity number on the box doesnt match the one on the bag!!!! UGH what would you guys do?!
  15. I have not seen mine yet as I'm still away. Don't quite understand what you meant by feeling "fake". Chanel uses many different materials and not always its classic Lambskin and Caviar. I just received a 09C Lt Beige Classic Lambskin M/L Flap from SAKs and I was really disappointed that it was smooshy and not puffy/structured like my other old lambs. I also remembered some ladies complained about how wrinkly and thin the portobello leather was, some hated the 08 bubblequilt leather (but I love it to bits), then there is the infamous washed caviar which can also be prone to scratches or marks. Some don't even like the hardy, good old caviar feeling its not luxurious enough. How about the metallic leather where some think its aluminum foil-like and prone to peeling, but some have no problem with it and simply love it?! Chanel Vinyl and Denim Cabas were once the most sought after bags and they were not even leather!
    At the end of the day, its a very personal choice. If you don't like it, you should just return it. Its too expensive to keep a Chanel purse you don't love!

    My, this must be your 3rd Chanel purchases that didn't go well this month! So sorry to hear that:hugs:. I won't be worried about the numbers on the box but do the hologram inside the purse and authenticity card numbers matched up? You should return yours if it comes with a scratch. I know this purse is slightly cheaper than other WOCs, but for almost $1k a pop at full retail price (not an ebay snag or sale item), the little purse should still come flawless!
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