Severely damaged hair problem

  1. I have been wearing my hair long the last few years on the advice of my stylist. I like the length, but I have dermititis which forces me to use medicated shampoo. The shampoo has to sit on my head for 10 minutes. I finally found a leave-in conditioner I like - Generic Paul Mitchell's - and I also use Infusium 23 treatment; but my hair always turns brittle and breaks off, and I end up looking very shaggy, and having to have inches taken off to get rid of (some of) the broken and split ends. I am not kidding you, I have counted 6 splits on one strand of hair before.

  2. I have seen atleast 4 split ends on one of my hairs. I have bad hair too but really take care of it. I use a mask or leave in conditioner atleast 4 times a week. My DH always asks me why my hair is wet or in a towel. Now he just looks at me and says "hair treatment". It has helped alot when I am consistant. I use Phyto product line. Good luck, I know it's pathetic , the amount of energy it takes...:yucky:
  3. Is this line available in stores? I found their website, but it doesn't have purchasing information on it.
  4. I use Phytovolume Actif Maximizing Volume Spray and love it but have never used any of their shampoos, conditioner or treatment products. I have recently been through hell and back with my hair as the result of trying to find a new stylist and it is now very short :crybaby: and very dry and dull looking from the coloring. But I still have oily roots! This is not the first time I've heard someone say they use Phyto products (and usually they are raving about them) and I think I'd like to try them. Any suggestions on which ones might help hair like mine? I'm going to surf Sephora now and see if I can figure out which ones might be right for my hair .....

  5. Same here... my scalp is very oily, and my hair is very dry & damaged. :shrugs:
  6. I'd suggest the Instant Moisture line from Paul Mitchell. There is a daily shampoo and treatment. I'd also recommend using PM Hair Repair Treatment once or twice a week. I'm assuming you are referring to PM The Conditioner as the "generic" product that you are using. It's a great everyday product, but it sounds like you need more moisture.

    If your hair is dry and breaking, you should try to stay away from products that contain wheat proteins or just protein in general. Proteins are great for building strength in the hair, but have a tendency to dry it out.

    Have you ever had a deep conditioning treatment under the dryer at your salon? When I had long hair, I used to go in every couple of weeks just for a deep conditioning and that seemed to keep my breakage at a minimum.
  7. I only use silicone free and mostly natural haircare products for about seven months now. Silicone builds up on the hair and scalp and underneath the hair will become even drier and the scalp can't "breathe". Every silicone product adds to the build-up and damages the hair even more. I thought that might be interesting to know because of your dermatitis.

    When I started to use silicone free products my hair became even worse for a while because the silicone covers damages (but doesn't eliminate the cause). I used conditioner every time I washed my hair and moisturized with a mixture of Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil as a pre wash treatment. There is no cure for split ends but you could try to prevent any further damage. I do a split ends cut myself and use a tiny drop of jojoba oil on the ends after every hair wash. It keeps the ends smooth and soft.

    My scalp is a lot less oily and my hair is moisturized and shiny. I have coarse hair so it will never feel as soft as fine hair, but at least it looks healthy the natural way. A have long hair (down to my butt ;)) and I didn't have to cut it off.

    I read a lot of good things about the Phyto 9 for very dry hair. If you could order some I would sure give it a try.

    Good luck and don't listen to a hair dresser that will tell you to cut off loads of inches ;).
  8. Thx for all the good advice, everyone. I reallyappreciate it!

    Btw, cutting off 4 inches was my idea -- my hairdresser was shocked! :wtf:
  9. my hair is very long thick and coarse. I dye it every 2 or 3 months and even use mild relaxer not to mention I go for weekly blowouts.

    I wash it twice a week and deep condition once a week with phtyo's Phytokarite. This is the best conditioner I've used as it seems to prevent breakage.

    Split ends can't be fixed so the only cure is prevention. Trim your hair, and deep condition.
  10. I like the Matrix Fortifying line,but make sure it is okay with your doctor.
  11. Oh no!!! Well, 5 things you need to know!

    CONDITION: Every single time you wash your hair to gradually add back moisture that's been sucked out over time by sunlight, chlorine and chemical processes. If your hair is extremly dry and brittle, apply leave-in conditioner in addition to regualr conditioner

    DON'T TOWEL-DRY: Your hair! It roughs up the cuticles, making hair harder to comb. Instead, gently squeeze out water, wrap your hair in a towel, turban-style, until it is midly damp, then use a wide-tooth comb to detangle it before blow-drying ( and... Whenever possible, don't blow-dry!)

    IF YOU MUSSSST Blow-dry: Protect your hair before blasting it with hot air. Products containing "thermal protection" like those words on the label or silicone create a barrier between the heat and your hair, making the hair shaft less vulnerable to damage. ALWAYS hold your blow-dryer at least two inches away from your hair. Better yet, abbreviate the blow-drying process. Let it air dry for 30 to 40 minutes and until it's almost dry. Then dry your hair on low heat, fluffing it with your hands, until it's 80 percent dry, then STYLE!

    USE THE WARM SETTING ON STYLE TOOLS: like curling irons and flat irons. Choosing warm over hot will decrease the chance of damage. Also, never let an iron sit still on your hair!!

    SLEEP ON SATIN PILLOWCASES: especially if you have dry, curly hair. Regular cotton fabrics create friction, which ruffles the cuticle and makes hair frizzy.

  12. I have damaged hair too and really need to take care of it.

    Neutrogena T-gel medicated shampoo worked great for me. I have yet to find a really great hair treatment product as I always somehow get allergic reactions to them.

    I don't know if you have Shiseido around you, but they have a series of haircair products called "Aquair", basically a range of moisturizing products for extremely dry hair. In particular, they have a water spray which I like to call "magic water". I spray it on every morning before styling and whenever I feel my hair is dry/brittle/split.. and my hair becomes magically moisturized, like after a shower! I highly recommend this!
  13. my tips:

    Shampoo is only for the scalp, not for the hair.

    Condition everyday, but not necessary to shampoo everyday.

    I just chopped off my hair 5 inches.. but it was to cut it to the shortest layer for a look. My hair is a little bit longer than the bra line. At least now, no more split ends
  14. Hmm...

    Diorgirl, I do almost all of what you suggested except for the air-drying. My hairdresser told me to be careful with the towel, i.e. don't rub the hair, and don't twist it up tightly, but just loosely wrap it turban-style w/o twisting the hair. I also bought an ionic hair dryer which is supposed to minimize damage, although I have been wondering lately (as you mentioned) if I even need to blow-dry it every day. I think my dryer is usually 3 to 4 inches or more away from my hair, and I generally use the lower heat setting.

    Cakelover, I alternate using the Neutrogena T-Gel and Denorex Shampoo With Conditioner; this keeps my dermititis (mostly) under control.

    Unfortunately, D & G, my scalp is very oily, and if I don't shampoo everyday, my hair is, too. Also, I get bad breakouts of dermatitis, so my scalp will itch, get a red rash, and flake. I know, there's always something, isn't there? LOL.

    I think I will definitely go for the deep conditionings, and stop using my blow dryer every day. You have all given me some really good information.
  15. ^^ can you just shampoo the scalp.. This would prevent the medicated shampoo from touching the ends of your hair...??