several very interesting b-bags newly on ebay!

  1. o0o0o, i like the FIRST and the WEEKENDER.... :smile:
  2. Puhleeeeze someone buy the Seafoam before I do! I need an intervention!
  3. the classique is AMAZING - and it is pistachio... YUMM!
  4. It's the pistachio :love:
  5. Wow! just gorgeous!
  6. oops! wrote the wrong color for the first bag. i changed it ;)
  7. check out the low price on item#6873157269. do you think the seller's approach will result in a high selling price? the bag looks pretty nice (it looks authentic) and i know how you all love cornflower.....
  8. I like the PEWTER city, but the lighting in the photos is so bad that it's kind of hard to tell some of the key details (e.g. shape/color of studs, etc.).
  9. Wow the price on that pistachio is $$$$! No way I'd spend that much on a classique though it's sooo pretty.
  10. yeah, they are bad, but i know from personal experience that the pewter is VERY hard to photograph well. i took about a million pics of my pewter first before i ever got a decent one. i don't think i ever got a good one of the tag. she needs to do it in natural light w/ no flash for it to work right.
  11. wow the pistachio is such a nice color! it's authentic right?
  12. wow. delicious bags. not so delicious prices. (well, except for the cornflower)
  13. I love the pistachio!!!!! aaaaahhhhh my goshhhhhh!!!!:nuts: :nuts: :love:
  14. i love the pistachio too! unbelieveable asking price! :cry: the pewter looks a bit like tinfoil though.
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