Several LV's for 1 Chanel?

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  1. I know people have been in such a dilemma before, but I just can't seem to make up my mind...I'm lusting over a Jumbo (of any kind, lol), but in order to get one, I'd have to save up for a long time (which I'm bad at doing) or sell a couple of my other purses, which are mainly LV's. Mind you, I only have 4 LV's, so it's not like I have a tremendous collection. Any advice? I just don't know what to do!
  2. Maybe you can save a little bit and sell a couple of LV's which you do not use often.

    I used to like LV a lot and collected 5 LVs so far until I "discovered" Chanel. If I have to pick only one bag, I will definitely pick my jumbo. While the way I am thinking about buying LVs or Chanels is like this - maybe I can save more to get a Chanel instead of a couple of LVs. LOL...
  3. ^I agree.
    Can you sell the 2 you use the least and save for the rest?
  4. Agreed, sell some buy some. What LV's u considering sacrificing? Personally, I don't regret a single Chanel purchase. I definitely can't say the same for LV. I don't wear any of the few LV's I've bought and look at them and see $$ that could've gone to Chanel . I look at my Chanel's and fall in love all over again. The only thing I regret is not buying more when I had the chance.:push:

    Here's another compromise, how about getting a classic from consignment or eBay, u may get slightly better prices, so less capital needed, then u can keep ur lvs :p.
  5. I love my LV, maybe not sell all of them and see if you can sacrifice 2 instead of four?
  6. To be honest, I'd be glad to sell all my LVs (and I have lots!) for a nice Chanel bag these days. The only reason I'm not doing so is because most of my LVs are so worn out, I'm sure no one would want them unless they are like $20. Lol~

    I think it's a good idea to sell only two or three LVs and save a little, as other ladies suggested. Keep the ones you really really like and would want to wear later. To contradict what I said above, I do have few items I can never see myself parting away from, even though those are the ones I can actually sell easily and make money out of. (Murakami's special editions and discontinued colored bags)

    And this is sooooooo bad of me, but did you ever think of opening up a credit card account and get that jumbo? Lol~ I know it's just going to be a DEBT, but at least it's a way for you to get what you want right now and pay later. Don't NM and Saks also give 10% or so discount for opening a new card?
  7. Definitely get the Chanel Jumbo. I grab my Chanels more frequently than my LVs now - especially in the winter/rain when I'm paranoid about the straps getting water marks.
  8. I just purchased my jumbo at NM - - I opened an account to get the points - I did not get a discount on the purchase of the bag - - but got 1000 bonus points for opening the account. I do plan on paying this off as I had saved the $$ in advance - -
  9. I agree with the others, sell the ones you don't wear and maybe save for the rest to make up for the amount. :tup: You won't regret it!
  10. Me too!!! I am planning on selling my other LVs to save up for a Chanel (most likely.. A JUMBO ALSO! :tup:). I was sooo into LVs before 'til one day, I decided to check out the Chanel Forum AND I GOT HOOKED! :smile:

    Like the other pfer said, there are other LV bags that I can not part with, so I am keeping those. But for the other LV bags that I don't really use as much, those are the ones that I am selling off plus other bags that I have which are just stuck in my closet now for a while.
  11. I've sold all my LV's except 1 and used the money to buy Chanel. I have no regrets as I love my Chanel bags.
  12. kimalee didn't you just get that NEW timeless cc flap bag? haha you just can't get enough of chanel huh? thats exactly how i was, i sold one of my LVs, a Marc Jacobs and some other random bags (Coach, Dooney) because I knew that having one Chanel was worth more than anything else in my closet, but definitely save! don't just splurge and buy impulsively because you will have a chance to get more in the future, chanel will only keep coming out with newer and better things!!! =]

    oh and yes i agree with everyone else, sell 1 or 2 LVs you don't use and save up and then get the jumbo! :heart:
  13. I completely understand what you mean when you say you look at something and see something else you could have bought! And I am thinking about getting a used Chanel...but I keep changing my mind about my LV's - I don't know if that's a sign to sell them or to keep them!
  14. yes yes yes I did! And I'm so in love I just can't stop!!!
  15. Kim, I sold 2 LVs to help fund my Chanel flap...and as much as I love love love the Flap, I am missing my LVs dearly....but its up to you. I say sell the ones you don't love (or use) and save up for the remainder of the cost.