several hard-to-find bags spotted

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  1. went to atlanta this weekend and did some shopping - didn't buy anything, but i saw some things so i figured i'd post so that anyone who was looking for them would know where to call:

    Bloomingdales Atlanta Perimeter:
    Fendi Spy - Honey
    Fendi Spy - Blue and White Striped Canvas
    Fendi Spy Satchel - Black
    Fendi Spy Hobo - Chocolate and Zucca

    Bloomingdales Atlanta Lenox:
    Fendi Spy - Honey
    Fendi Spy Hobo - Honey
    Fendi Spy Hobo - White
    Fendi Spy Hobo - Chocolate and Zucca (2)

    Neiman Marcus Atlanta:
    Chloe Paddington - Bluish Gray
    Chloe Paddington - Silver
    Chanel Reissue - Large Grey
    Chanel Reissue - Large White (if they made it in white - it looked exactly like the reissue)

    Saks Atlanta:
    Fendi Spy Hobo - Honey
    Chanel Reissue - Medium Gray
    Chanel Reissue - Black (don't remember if it was medium or large)
    (if you happen to call Saks, please ask for Bonnie, she's the best SA in the entire store)

    Louis Vuitton Atlanta:
    Monogram Canvas Mizi should be in stock next week.

    hope that helps anyone that was looking for anything specific! both NM and Saks probably had more reissues available, i didn't ask about any additional sizes.
  2. Good report! Actually, I think I saw all of those today as well. It doesn't seem like there's much of anything right now that is totally impossible to get. I saw the hologram Spy too.

    But... my NM told me that they don't even carry the reissue in large, just medium. Are you sure it was the large?
  3. Wow, lots of Spys! You didn't end up getting the white Spy hobo? :biggrin:
  4. amanda, thanks for the report! i SO cant wait to visit the States and do some shopping!!! :amuse:
  5. the guy in the chanel section told me it was large, but he might have been having an off day, lol. i don't remember if it really looked any bigger than the one at saks or not.
  6. sadly i didn't :sad: i didn't go WOW when i saw it, so it's not worth the grand.

    although this was the first time i ever saw a paddington IRL, and i did go WOW (several times) so i may consider placing an order for one again. i still love that mousse color.
  7. Thanks for the report! Wow!
  8. Thanks for the report secret agent amanda! You're more than over qualified for the next mission! :lol:
  9. Thanks for the report Amanda! Good report!

    Oh I saw the large white reissue at NM on Saturday if one is interested. Hopefully it still there.
  10. the white one is so pretty :love: :love: :love: - if only it were a few hundred bucks cheaper, it would be home with me tonight.
  11. the reissue! nooooo. i wish i could put one on hold for a couple months :lol: . haha i'm $20 closer today after babysitting
  12. What did you think of the light blue Paddington? I have one on the way, but I have never seen one in person.
  13. unfortunately, i didn't see a light blue one, but a dark bluish gray one. it was beautiful, i'm sure yours will be too!
  14. Thanks Amanda. I was going to make the rounds this weekend too, but the weather was so crappy! I bet the mall was empty.
  15. mmm i am not in the US.. but when i saw this post i just thought its s:huh::huh::huh::huh: kind of you Amanda to share with others such a report :amuse:
    i :love: this forum