Several Balenciagas from authentic lvlady

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  1. Hi Bbag lovers! I'm usually on the LV forum so I'm not an expert on Balenciaga (yet:graucho:) but authentic_lvlady usually has good deals on LVs.

    Blue work but has a scuff on one corner, BIN $1139
    eBay: AUTH Balenciaga Blue Office Motorcycle Medium bag (item 110074534682 end time Jan-08-07 08:00:00 PST)

    Black hobo BIN $730
    eBay: Authentic Balenciaga black Motorcycle HOBO shoulder bag (item 110074534975 end time Jan-01-07 11:52:37 PST)

    Grey twiggy BIN $1000 has a teeny scuff on one corner as well
    eBay: AUTH Like new Balenciaga grey Motorcycle bag/dust bag (item 110073919653 end time Jan-07-07 08:00:00 PST)

    She also has a light blue medium but it looks too used.

  2. Thanks for the post Frannita!!
  3. would that be a teal worK?
  4. Looks like an '05 teal to me! Beautiful. I hope someone here got it!