Several bags still at OLD PRICE! HURRY!!!

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  1. #1 Feb 3, 2010
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    Hector just let me know that there are still several bags that have not been updated by his system with the new price yet. So you can still buy them at the old price; but you need to hurry because the store could update their price anytime. Yesterday I posted about a beige flap and a TPFer called and put it on hold, today the system shows the new price so too bad!

    Call Hector at 1.818.884.7900 ext 1390 he'll be there till 6PM PST!

    Here's the list:

    - M/L Brown Caviar silver HW
    - White caviar PST & GST (I don't know the HW color)
    - Old Bordeaux PST
    - Lambskin JUMBO Navy, Bordeaux, Taupe with silver HW (OMG! Yeah, didn't even know they had Taupe!) and Green, light gold HW
    - Lamskin M/L Green and the other color I think is coral red (?) not sure, please call to double check.

    Remember you better have Hector ring them fast before the price change! Good luck! :biggrin:
    M.L flaps.jpg Jumbo Taupe Bordeaux.jpg
  2. wow, thanks for the tip, hope someone can get them!
  3. I ordered seasonal color maxi at old price too but may have been luck. At mm.
  4. i think i'm not surprised. these bags are seasonal from 08.
  5. He found two more! There's one mini reissue black metallic with gold HW. The picture size is too big, I failed to upload and I don't know how to resize it! :shrugs:
    + 1 M/L patent, it's beautiful, I'm so tempted! Price is $2750
    M.L Patent.jpg
  6. Do you have Hector's email instead?
  7. LOVE the m/l patent, it's really gorgeous! The price is good too at 2750, but I am on a ban, need to be a good girl! :graucho:

    But thanks for sharing! :biggrin:
  8. OMG! That's the 08 cruise camel!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's BEYOND GORGEOUS IRL!
  9. where are these bags? anyone see any old bags at Saks?
  10. I think they are from Nordstrom's Canoga Park, CA.

  11. I just got the OK from Hector to post his email. You might email him here:

    He doesn't reply to his emails instantly though, you have better luck calling.
  12. The lamb coral red and the lamb navy are sold.
    The rest are still available and he also has an 08 M/L black patent, I think it's same price than the camel one.
    Any other question, please just call or email Hector directly!
    Black patent flap.jpg
  13. it is beautiful! and tempting! :smile:

  14. i got an "old" bag at nm...
  15. I got 2 "old" bags at nm and Chanel (A08 and 09P) - before the recent increase...but they were at the current price for that time wah