Seven Skinny Joyce Jeans $52.80 at Shopbop

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  1. Seven High Waisted (9inch rise) Joyce Skinny Jeans $52.80 at Shopbop. Sizes 24-30 available
    Wash is Norway which looks to be a light gray. They're still $176 at eluxury.
    I can't decide whether to buy or not, because I just bought a pair of skinny black Hudson's last week. Trying to restrain myself, but I hope someone can make out on the good deal!
  2. great deal but I don't think I could pull those off.
  3. Just to let everyone know these run really, really small. I ordered a 32 from Nordies-I'm in between a 31 and 32 in sevens so to be on the safe side I went with the 32 and I think they fit me like a 100% cotton 30. The tag says they have a 2% lycra but they fit like 100% cotton.
  4. ^^I was just about to order. Thanks for the sizing info!
  5. they're $49 at barneyscoop. but then you'd have to pay shipping...
  6. I bought these 2 weeks ago on for $46.
  7. i bought the highwasted bootcut jeans from Shopbop during their 4th of july sale and a 27 ran true to size for me