Seven Jeans at Nordstrom Rack $99

  1. I went to the one in colma, San Francisco!
  2. thank you
  3. The one in Chicago usually has a great selection too, but beware, the jeans are all over the place and often hiding in other non seven racks!
  4. i got a better deal at macys for $15, can u beat that!!
  5. $99. wow! $15 oh my! make sure you get a load of them! good luck ladies!
  6. Which Macy was that? What a great deal!!!
  7. Southland Mall in Hayward, CA
  8. Wow $15 is the best deal I have ever heard of! I don't think anyone will be able to beat that price.
  9. Wow that is awesome. I think I shall be visiting a Nordstrom Rack soon! Hope I can snag up some super great deals.
  10. i've seen premium denim (Citizens, SFAM, Paige, Joe's, etc.) ranging anywhere between $39.97-$109.97 at my local Nordstrom Rack... R&R is usually $99+ and so is True Religion. Sometimes I see certain brands marked down an additional % off... so you really gotta dig around for those!
  11. Ok, so I went back today again because the pair I got yesterday was too big for my sister. I was thinking I'd just walk in and return it.. BUT... they had SO much more today!!!! I was unbelievable!!!! I didnt think they would get more. The had R&R and tons of 7s. Nice 7's too. They had 3 different A-pockets (originally $200!!!) There are also flares. lots of size 27 and up!!! HURRY!! They'll go fast!
  12. are there size 24's in these stores??? :smile:
  13. Sorry, I didnt see any 24s. I saw about 3 pairs of 25's, 3 26's, and tons and tons of 27s, 28s, 29s, and so on up.
  14. wowza, I got mine for $45 there and thought that was the best so far :yahoo: