Seven Jeans at Nordies...

  1. Hi all,

    I just got a great deal on some Sevens on Nordstroms. They were 40% off so they were only about $108, plus really cheap shipping. They usually run out of sizes fast so I wouldn't wait!:smile:
  2. Great thanks, snagged a pair
  3. Wow, I need to go check that out! Thanks!
  4. Ooh, great deals! They were out of my size in the ones I wanted :push:
  5. thanks for the heads up! i was able to grab a white R&R at less than $90 :yahoo:
  6. I seen some white R&R at my local's Marshalls for 59.99. I'm in North Ca. Nordstrom racks also have Seven, TR and R&R for around 99.00. You could be on their calling list. They will call you when they have new shipment in.
  7. ^ Where in North CA? I've been hearing about all the R&R at Marshalls but haven't found any!