Seven jeans at Kohl's

  1. Fyi I went to Kohls this week and they have 2 racks of "Seven for mankind jeans". I think they were all 39.00-49.00. The sales girl said all stores just got big shippments of these jeans
  2. Which Kohls is this???
  3. really? wow do they have them online?
  4. Are you sure they weren't Seven 7 jeans? They are completely unrelated to 7 FAM.
  5. Bagatella's right, they can't be 7FAM -- Kohl's carries Seven 7 (which are much lower priced), but not 7FAM.
  6. I went today to my kohls - no 7 for all mankind jeans :sad:
  7. Aww, darn. I got really excited for a second.

    They're Seven 7. Not 7FAM. :sad: