Seven (for all manking) -- still buying?

  1. Are you guys still buying new pairs of 7fam jeans? I seem to sense that they might be a little "over," but I still love em. I just bought a pair of their skinny jeans, and now am worried that I might have been happier w/ rock and republic or paige...something a little "newer."

    What do you think? Are you still buying new sevens and willing to pay full price?
  2. Lately the new sevens have been running big so I havent purchased any in a couple months but if I find a style I like that fits me, I'm definitely willing to pay retail.

    I have been looking nonstop for new Paiges though!
  3. I'm a big fan of the way 7s fit and how their pockets are a little more subtle than other premium denim lines. However, I've also noticed they seem a little "over."

    This fall I'm looking for specific styles and washes and 7FAM isn't offering what I'm looking for (anyone recommend dark blue skinnies with zipper details?). I'm tired of bootcuts as well as the lighter wash in the hip area graduating to darker legs, so I probably won't be getting any 7s.
  4. i think jeans in general are a little over. i haven't bought a pair in 6 months. but we'll see what happens when fall comes. maybe i'm just not into it since it's been so hot. but i usually go with whatever looks good works the best.
  5. they might be over but they are still my fav.
  6. I am feeling the r&r and antik denims right now.
  7. They have gotten more popular, but I don't think they're "over". 7FAM jeans fit me better than most, so I am still buying them! I love the way they fit me!
  8. love them :love:
  9. Man, I hope they aren't over too soon! I have a couple pairs in the bootcut style and hope to enjoy them into F/W!
  10. i don't care if they're "over" they fit me best!

    i'll buy them until they stop making them...or i go broke from buying too many jeans. :shame:
  11. :lol: I love it!
  12. i don't think they're "over."

    if you really like them, then it shouldn't matter. i have not bought any sevens in awhile, only because there are soooo many premium denim brands to choose from now... i've expanded my denim collection to include all kinds of brands, styles, cuts, washes, etc.
  13. I wouldn't pay for price for them as I would in the past.

    I think any brand jeans are fleeting in popularity.

    That's the only thing that holds me back.

    I think in terms of conversion, two pair of designer denim= a large tote from Coach, or pochettes from LV/Dior (that can last for years). I guess that makes me weird, huh? :biggrin:

    I think my bags are going to be around longer then my trendy jeans. But I'm not saying that I won't buy designer jeans but I try not to go crazy buying all the cuts/styles/brands. ;)
  14. Well I certainly hope that fashion doesn't stear us back to Gap jeans anytime soon!

    How about true religion billy? I love the straight leg versus the skinny leg.
  15. ^^^^good point!

    I was actually thinking though, that designers at Joe's Jeans, J brand, True religion and Paige might be doing a bit more than 7FAM to keep up to date and innovative.

    So if I ever abandon my sevens, I guess I was considering buying more paiges or something, but who knows, maybe the trusty old GAP will make a comeback, LOL:smile:

    PS -- sorry for the typo in mankinD in the thread title -- I keep cringing when I see that:shame: