Seven For All Mankind

  1. can anybody please tell me where i can buy SEVEN FOR ALL MANKIND jeans in the U.S. who will send to the U.K. i saw just what i wanted on eluxury just to find they will only send within U.S,:sad: :confused1: why do they this? i would be really grateful if someone could help me as they have loads more styles in the U.S. and they are the only jeans that i find comfortable.:s
  2. Which specific style and wash are you looking for and what size? I have a list of retailers... not all of them carry all styles though. eBay is also an option, but beware of fake jeans!
  3. check out
  4. thanks angelie i found that website that had loads but only 2 styles in my size and i was not that keen on them and they also state that they do not send international but only on the SEVEN FOR ALL MANKIND site:crybaby:

    DarlinAnna i am looking for either straight leg not drainpipe or bootleg i like the darker washes and would love a black pair but are very open to most styles (NOT DISTRESSED) i need a size 32. thanks for your help;)
  5. Rosie, try the "Colette" or "Kate" styles. They are both straight leg :smile:

    As far as sites, here are some for you to check out. I'm not sure which ones ship internationally though...
    Welcome to Rafaelhawaii Home page
    Juicy Couture, Citizens of Humanity, True Religion Jeans and more -
    Designer Jeans & Denim - True Religion Jeans, 7 For all Mankind Jeans, Hudson Jeans - Kultic Fashion
    Active Endeavors | Shopping
    berk's shoes
    DASZIGN.COM - True Religion Jeans, Seven Jeans, Citizens of Humanity Jeans - FREE SHIPPING (use code "five" for 40% off... not valid on 7FAM though)
    Hudson jeans, true religion jeans, splendid tees, blue cult jeans, havaiana flip flops
    Standard Style Boutique
    Ron Herman| Shop 3.1 Phillip Lim, Miss Davenporte, J Brand, Vita and More
    Bennetts Clothing - Your home for clothing!
    Blue Bee Online - Home - Seven Jeans, C & C California, True Religion
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    True Religion Jeans, Seven jeans, Citizens of Humanity, Hudson at Moxyonline
    Joe's Jeans, Hudson Jeans, J Brand Jeans, Raw 7, Kasil Jeans at - FREE SHIPPING
    True Religion Jeans, Plenty by Tracy Reese, Mblem by Mandy Moore, Taverniti So, Hudson Jeans, Sass & Bide, Sweetees, Project E Clothing -
    True Religion Jeans, Juicy Couture, Diesel, Citizens of Humanity -
    Home - Womens Clothing at South Moon Under: Swim Wear, Jewelry, Womens Shoes, Décor Home

    And the large retailers also carry lots of styles, but their int'l shipping fees will vary... - Shop From Over 500 Brands
    Neiman Marcus Online
    Forwarding Entry.jsp

    Good luck!!
  6. wow, darlinanna...that's quite a list! thanks for doing that (I know it wasn't my thread, but still, that's some research there). LOL
  7. yes WOW:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: i will start looking at the sites straight away. thanks alot DarlinAnna
  8. No problem! Glad I can help :smile: I'm a jeans nut, so if you have any questions, lemme know!
  9. DarlinAnna, i have been looking on all the site and have seen so many pairs i have now got confused what i saw on what site (i know i should have written names down but i am not that organised) anyway i thought i would pick your brain again (hope you do not mind) if you had the choice of buying any make of jeans what would you buy? :confused1: :idea: i like the straight leg jeans but i am also being tempted back to bootleg or even flared jeans what do you think ?:s
  10. I like the bootleg jeans...

    I buy them all from here berk's shoes but I go in person and occasionally shop online.
  11. I loooove designer jeans -- I own over 100 pairs! eek!

    I think the brand that will look best on you will depend on your body style and how comfortable you are in them. Personally, I love jeans with a lower rise, so my favorite jeans are True Religions and Seven for all Mankind A Pockets.

    If you like straight-leg jeans, 7FAM Colettes are a good choice. They come in a few basic medium-to-dark blue washes -- Nakita and NYD (New York Dark) are two great basic washes for the Colettes. For True Religions, the Billy and Johnny styles are both straight leg and very flattering IMO.

    If you want a somewhat higher rise, I would try Paige Premium Denim jeans in the Hollywood Hills style or Diesels -- their Keates are a straight/skinny leg cut and the Rame is more of a bootcut :smile:

    Good luck!!!