Seven for all Mankind

  1. Hi Ladies!

    Do you know if the bootcut jeans (with the stretch) run TTS? Also do they tend to stretch out after you wear them? I"m trying to decide what size to get. Thanks!
  2. Mine are TTS and they havnt stretched at all. GOOD LUCK, You'll LOVE them!
  3. Mine are TTS and stretch slightly but not nearly enough to make me go down a size. They stretch to the point that they fit perfectly if that makes sense.
  4. I think that particular wash fits tts so you should be good.
    With designer denim of any brand it is hard to guess which washes and cuts will fit TTS since all washes will fit differently as well as the cuts.
    With the pair you are looking at you are in!!!
    Good luck!!
  5. those are tts.
  6. Thank you!
  7. So far all my 7FAM fit the same, whether bootcut, flare, etc.
  8. yup they fit TTS, i find they don't stretch too much (cept my A pockets did) and i have a COLLECTION of these jeans. i love them
  9. Lol I wish mine did!
    I have Havanas w/crystal pockets, two pairs of A pockets (one black w/crystals and the other regular), the skull ones (Bloomies exclusive, I think they're equivalent to the A pocket), the Great China Wall Havanas (red crystal studs) and Dojos (cropped) and they all fit differently. I wish they didn't, it's really annoying.
  10. I have the blue crystals - I love them!

    How 7FAM fits you is like how Louboutins fit me. I want to be able to score a good price when his shoes go on sale on line, w/c is very difficult to do when his sizing is all over the place.
  11. Kind of OT, but still in the area of premium denim-How do you guys think true religions and COH fit? 7FAM are tts for me, but I'm thinking of buying the others online. I live in the boonies and have nowhere to try them on IRL.
  12. Mine are true to size and they haven't stretched at all.
  13. I think they all fit the same. I wear 25 in 7FAM, COH and TR. Although I have varying sizes b/c I wanted loose fitting jeans (or I was just "bigger") at the time I purchased the bigger sizes. I'm trying to get rid of my 26s though b/c they are just falling off me!
  14. I think it depends on the wash. Some of my washes stretches like crazy, others not at all.