seven for all mankind jeans on sale!

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  1. Macys is having a sale on two different kinds of seven for all mankind jeans:

    1. black A pocket style with swarowski Crystals. retail is $198 - 25% + 20%
    FF coupon (total before tax = approx $118)

    2. regular bootcut with the swiiggly line (lol) swarowski crystals. retail $216.00 - 25% + 20% FF coupon (total before tax = $129.60)

    All three macys in my area are completely sold out, macys san francisco union square has alot left...tommorrow is the last day to use the FF macys coupon for the additional 20% off.
  2. Thanks for the info! I might just have to stop by macys today! Even if they don't have the ones on sale, I'm sure I won't have trouble finding something else to buy with the FF discount!
  3. ps. im sure you can call macys sf and have them charge send them to you. alot of the girls on the impulse floor (yeah we have an ENTIRE floor of impulse, not just a section LOL) are very helpful and will apply the FF 20% coupon to your total even if you dont have one or if doing over phone!
  4. i was home sick one day and saw them on sale at hsn on tv for $89 bucks.
  5. HSN sells Seven7 jeans, not 7 for all mankind.
  6. I live in the U.K. they are £216.00 here, would they let me purchase a pair over the phone and send them to the U.K. If anybody thinks they will, can they please give me the phone number of the store. thankyou
  7. Macys in Union Square had a ton of the bootcut crystal jeans left (this was Saturday night) but the only sizes left were 29-32. There was a few of the a pocket black jeans in all sorts of sizes.

  8. The number to the san francisco macys downtown is 1-415-397-3333.
    Ask the operator for the IMPULSE section and you can ask them.
    I was there last night and there were plenty of jeans available. Also, if they let you order, tell them you dont have your Friends and family coupon, but would like the additional 20% off the already marked down price of 25%
  9. my macy's doesnt sell 7's :sad: thats a great price on them though
  10. I have a stupid question could someone please help??? What is the difference between Seven 7 jeans and 7 for all mankind?? Are they different brands?? I just got my first pair at Barneys this weekend. They were on sale for $89, they're 7 for all mankind.
  11. I don't think the Macy's in Philly sells 7FAM, bummer!
  12. Tokilicious Jen Y, the two are completely different brands. Seven for All Mankind is, at least in my estimation, far better.
  13. sorry. they both look the same to me.
  14. I agree. I bought a pair of Seven7 jeans years ago thinking they were Seven for All Mankind. I NEVER wear them anymore & now have probably close to 10 pairs of SevenFAM & LOVE them!! They fit me so much better.
  15. THANKS for the info! I'm going to check this out!!