Seven For All Mankind - Has anyone seen these IRL?

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  1. I guess it's only a matter time before every well known, popular designer comes out with a line of handbags! I saw these bags on the Kitson website, but no where else. Has anyone see them? Anyone own one? Are they nice bags?

    I kinda like the look of the Alexa -


    This is the Lorna -


    And this is the Samantha (which I think is a little boring) -

  2. wow, interesting, didn't know they made bags. but i know they make my bum bum look delicious. hehehe
  3. I didn't know that they made bags, though I think they should stick to jeans, based on these bags :P
  4. LOL, ITA
  5. has seven bags. I was surprised none of these bags are made of denim. :shrugs:
  6. eeh... nothing spectacular... its very typical styles...

    definitely not paying that price for them - maybe wait until it is on the sale rack!
  7. I'm not really interested in buying one. I just happened to come across them, and wasn't aware that 7 had ventured into handbags. Since they're so well known & popular w/their jeans (I have two of their denim jackets, and I can't wear them enough!), I was just wondering whether or not anyone knew anything about their new handbags.

    I agree that they're not really that exciting - nothing about them would draw me and/or cause me to get excited.

    (Maybe diehard 7 jean fans would jump at them)
  8. People will buy based on the name...personally I have 2 pairs of 7FAM jeans, and I think their stitching is fab...I really don't think these will ever come apart...but I'm not sure how leather is going to work for them...
  9. I'll just stick to buying their jeans.
  10. I had no idea they made handbags. I like the Alexa. Not enough to buy it, but its nice.
  11. I once saw a small denim one on but it didn't float my boat. I'll stick with the jeans, too!
  12. hmmm, I think the first time out the gate the bags should be very original. There is one of the bags which looks very much like the prada faux frame bag...they must have so much design talent and so many resources, why not do something unique, considering that the world is full of "ordinary" lamb leather handbags today?
  13. love their jeans, not a fan of their bags.
  14. Britney has the small doctor bag (source People)