Seven for all Mankind Dojo Pink Sevens

  1. Seven for all Mankind Dojo Pink Sevens on the pocket- anyone know where to get these? They are super cute!
  2. The Antwerp wash is the only one with pink stitching on the back pockets.

    What size do you need? eBay and online stores are your best bet.
  3. You guys Rock! Thank you so much for the help!
  4. my local Nordstroms had these a few weeks ago.
  5. I saw them at Nordstroms too.........

    and also saw them in my 7 year old daughters size ~ they were cute!!!!
  6. Thank you guys so much- I went to Nordstrom online chat- the rep was able to find them for me at a Nordies- and I got the Rack price- $40!!!! I LOVE THEM! Thank you again!