Seven 7 Jeans vs. Seven for all Mankind ?

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  1. Hi All
    I have both kinds, but I wanted to know if they are from the same company or are these 2 COMPLETELY different brands?? Jean lovers out there enlighten me!!! ThANKS:yes:
  2. I am pretty sure that seven 7 jeans are imitations. I work at Buffalo Exchange and I have seen these come in. If they are what I am thinking of then they are a totally different brand
  3. 2 completely different brands. Seven for all mankind is the one you see at Saks, etc. and on celebrities. Seven7 is a cheaper brand from a different designer.
  4. ahhh good question I was wondering that myself
  5. Seven for all man kind is the way to go!!
  6. Thanks Ladies!!!
  7. they used to sell seven7 jeans at express. what a horrible name, they really shouldn't try to use one of the most established names in denim. just leads to confusion.
  8. yep, they are completely different, so don't let yourself get fooled.

    Seven 7 jeans are ok, fine jeans, sort of like those from express or some from Macy's.

    Seven for all Mankind is the uber popular designer label that is sold at Nordstroms, eluxury, and the other trend-conscious places (although it's been around for awhile).

    Oddly, though, some on-line stores list seven for all mankind as "seven jeans" (I think that either Daszign or Adasa does this?) so it gets confusing!
  9. Alot of people think they're the same thing but they're not. Seven and Seven For All Mankind are two completely different brands. SFAM is the best!:heart:
  10. lol girls at my work and when i was in high school, always used to brag how they had seven jeans. It didn't really bother me, except for the fact that they thought they were the ****,thinking they had the pants in that "My Humps" song when it goes "Seven jeans,True Religion, I say no but they keep giving..."
  11. ^^^:roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I never listened that closely to that song before. What bizarre lyrics!
  12. i know that in australia the seven 7 are the cheaper version of seven for all mankind. they are however, authorized by sevenforallmankind to be re-made using their name so that it is more affordable.

    i bought a pair thinking i was so lucky to have found one that was so cheap, when i realized there was something funny with the logo and it was actually seven 7, i returned it.

    here's the article i found Denim gets lower profile as designers cut back on legwork - BusinessNews -

    basically seven 7 is a "new brand-alliance with the Los Angeles-based jeans designer Seven For All Mankind."
  13. LMAO that's great!! That song cracks me up. :wlae:
  14. I tried on a pair of Seven 7s for the first time the other day and was not impressed at all. I have a pair of mossimo premium jeans from Target that seriously felt like better quality.
  15. The Seven Jeans they used to sell at express before the parent compant of 7FAM (Liz Claibourne I think) were designed by the deisgners that started 7FAM. They sold their company and then designed the lower price line. Then one of them went onto to start Citizens of Humanity.