Seung-hyun Kang, of Korea, Named Fords New Supermodel Of The World

  1. She's cute but what makes her the supermodel of the world?
  2. it's awesome that an asian girl won this title. i hope she does well. i would love to see more asian models in the pages of elle, vogue, and harper's bazaar.
  3. She reminds me of Woody Allen`s SO, Soon Yi. She is cute, but I dont see the supermodel wow factor here...
  4. hmm she's ok but I don't see it either? I've seen way prettier asian models.
  5. Word!
  6. Nice to see an asian girl win, but I agree...don't see the WOW factor in her... :s
  7. i think so too:s
  8. I've never even heard of her. Is she big in Korea? I should call up family in Korea and
  9. She's cute, but not glamorous IMO. She looks extremely young.
  10. Agreed with everyone else! Would love to see some modeling pics maybe to see if she actually deserves this title...?
  11. Super excited and happy to see my fellow Asians getting more love and exposure in the fashion/modeling world, but I have to concur that she's not really a stunner -- have definitely seen prettier girls. Of course, maybe she strikes a mean pose with her statuesque figure and is fierce on the runway, so we'll see! Wishing all the best for her in her modeling endeavors.
  12. She's cute and all, but I think "Supermodel of the World" is pushing it a little.
  13. I think this a better photo of her looking modelesque.


    I can see why people would put her down for not being "pretty" enough. But this is fashion modeling, not Victoria's Secret modeling. Criteria for being a good fashion model is different from being a Cindy Crawford style model. I think she definitely has potential. She's a little plain but she has a unique look and it's very refreshing. I think she'll be very versatile and she's kind of a blank slate so she can pull off lots of looks.

    It's really nice to see more asian models. The only other successful ones I can think of are Du Juan and Hye Park. Two successful working asian models is not enough to represent such a large population of people.