Seude Miu Miu satchel - in gold and deserto

  1. Oh heck I'm in trouble. Have you seen the new seude satchel - it comes in gold or a taupe colour called deserto. It's on pre-order on Saks, nm and bg websites and I just love it.
    Problem is I've just bought a Miu Miu soft calf bow satchel, and if I order from the US I get hammered for customs.
    Has anyone seen this bag in the UK? Also, what are your opinions on it - do you think it's as gorgeous as I do?

  2. which one is it?? pictures??
  3. I'm hopeless at posting pictures. It's on bergdorf's website, also Saks i think. It's handheld with two leather handles.
  4. [​IMG]
    this is the one right!

    actually i'm not a fan of suede and i think the shape of this bag somehow reminds me of the fendi spy haha!
    i say just stick with the bow satchel! :queen:
  5. Sillygooose - thanks so much. That's the very bag - trouble is I love it even more now! I'm definitely sticking with the bow satchel but I'm now lusting after this one as well.
    If it was easy to get it in the UK I would probably go ahead and buy it but having just had a complete nightmare with a BG return (see returns nightmare thread) I'm right off ordering anything from outside the EU.
  6. oh no i'm sorry to hear that! i'm not sure how it works in UK but i hope it turns out okay for you in the end! and when you do get the bag, please post the pictures!! it's really easy!!!

    meanwhile i'm contemplating the nappa spring satchel! (see my nappa spring satchel thread)..what do you think of it!