Settled for the Small Tote...opinions please.


Should I keep it??

  1. Keep it

  2. Return it

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  1. Went to Bloomies last night in a last ditch effort to get a medium caviar classic flap in white...but of course all the classic flap bags were "sold out". With the increase in mind, I decided to buy the small tote bag. Should i keep it? I just had to buy something before the prices went up.
    small tote.JPG
  2. I voted to keep it. The Petite Shopping tote w/ zipper is a great bag. But if you're regretting it maybe you should return it & waitlist for the white flap.
  3. I love it! I think you should keep it, unless your heart was set on a flap bag. If so, I would return it and wait for the flap.
  4. I vote to keep it. The tote is both classy and functional!
  5. Agree w/everyone here, keep it. Its beautiful.

    What's the price on this bag??
  6. I said return it - if you're having doubts about it, I'd wait for the classic flap that you really want.
  7. you should keep it, it's a really cute bag !!
  8. I like it, so I voted to keep, but of course it depends on how you really feel. Don't settle for something you're not sure about, get something that's exactly what you want. BTW, if you don't mind me asking, how much was it? & what are the dimensions?
  9. It doesn't sound like you REALLY want it... is this a purchase you'll be regreting? If you don't love it, I say ditch it.
  10. It depends on whether you find it big enough. I bought it in beige and think it's a great bag, but don't keep it just because you needed to buy something before the increase in price.
  11. It was $1475 + tax. Size is about 9-1/2" W x 7" H
  12. Thanks everyone for your advice =) I don't have a black caviar with gold hw so I am leaning towards keeping it. My DH says that'll be my V-day gift and I can get the white medium flap for my b-day in March. Feel kinda bad because this is my 4th Chanel bag since the new year has started. I think I have a Ok, purse ban until March! :ban:
  13. That's not the PST, that's the Grande shopping tote. My observation is that alot of people in the forum have gone a insane buying sprees and maxing out their CCs without really considering if they really like the bags they just bought. Chanel prices have gone down in the past. Currency strengths go up and down.
    From your story, it seems like you just bought your bag just because you were scared of the price increase. Why settle for a bag you didn't initally want? I say, go find the med white caviar that you wanted (they're pretty common, just ask SA's in Saks or NM, or the boutique-they'll be able to charge send it to you) and return the GST.
  14. If you really love it, keep it. If not, return it. My mom bought this bag yesterday because of the price hike, but she's keeping it because she really likes it.

    ETA: Actually, it was the PST, but same point.
  15. I like it but if you don't love, love, love it, don't settle for it just because it was purchased under the wire. Good luck with your decision.