Settle with Monogram Neverfull?

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  1. So I didnt buy the Monogram neverfull and decided to wait for the damier neverfull to come out, but ive been WAITING AND WAITING.. and now it seems like i have to wait some more!!! AT LEAST another 9 months (which is totally crazy)..

    sooo.. should i just get the monogram neverfull and BOYCOTT the damier!?!?! but i really like damier... :sad:

    we should all threaten LV and REFUSE to buy the damier neverfull if it doesnt come out in 2008! (IN US ANDD CANADA)!

    oh! do you think the 2008 damier neverfulls in japan/hawaii would be different than the 2009 us/cad ones??
  2. If you really want the neverful in Damier, you're going to have to wait :tdown:.

    I know how you feel about boycotting, but LV keeps coming out with such cute bags that those thoughts just fly right out of my head.

    What about going with a Hampstead instead, if you really can't wait?
  3. Or how about a Saleya? That is what I did after the 1st time they pushed the date back.
  4. I would just contact LV in Hawaii and have them ship one to you. When I was on vacation out that way they told me that they do that for customer's fairly frequently.
  5. I'm feeling like this too..... soooo frustrated.... and I think by the time the Damier one comes out, I will want a Saleya anyway!
  6. I think you should definitely wait for the Damier Neverfull! Hawaii is getting theirs in May, so it is only like a month away, so as LisaG719 suggested, have them ship one to you! I'm WL for it, but they weren't too sure about the price, if it was going to be the same as the mono - $645 for the MM.
  7. If you really want the Damier, then you should wait. Don't settle for the one you don't love because you will end up going back to it.
  8. I feel the same way as you. I have a mono speedy and want a damier shoulder bag (especially work bc it won't be as flashy as mono). The Neverfull is a great price point for that and now it is not coming out.

    So...I have been looking at getting a BV or a Hampstead or Saleya....all of this extra work because the Neverfull is getting pushed back. So-I am a little peeved!

    And totally clueless what to get now :sad:
  9. I would have to say don't settle... you will regret it when the Damier finally comes out... but maybe you could get both :graucho:??!!??
  10. I actually prefer the Neverfull in Mono after seeing a photoshopped version of the Damier Neverfull. But hey, if you really like Damier - wait for it. It's definitely worth the wait I think and you'll regret it if you rush out and buy Mono.
  11. never ever settle, its one of the worst mistakes when buying LV. you'll end up with an unloved/unappreciated bag you'll only bi tch about. its not fair for the por bag. just be patient, its gonna be worth it.
  12. if you want it alot you might have to be more willing to wait which i know how that feels now i have to save up for all the stuff i want which will take ages but if you like the neverfull then get it or juss wait for the damier if you like that more it will be worth it in the end to get the bag that makes you happy
  13. I wouldn't settle either ... I've learned that when I do, I'm only happy temporarily! When you settle it's like a quick fix and it's the second best. I still end up wanting what I originally wanted, ugh! Go for what you really want. "Patience is a virtue" or so I heard ... lol!
  14. Seems your leaning more towards the DAmier so I would wait it out!:tup:
  15. don't settle for something that is truly what u really want.. in the end u will get that item u really want anyways and wont be happy with what u have.