Settle this for me

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  1. Wow! I've been away for a long while..a few months actually. You may not remember me. I still love my LV and have made a couple of more purchases. Anyway, I was talking to someone today. He made a comment that Louis Vuitton was being made in China now so he didn't understand why anyone would waste money on it. I told him that genuine LV was not made in China but that the fakes were and there is a huge difference. He swore that LV..the genuine ones are being made there. I told him that we could just disagree.

    I don't believe it at all but wanted you all to confirm it....LOL. Thanks!
  2. Never, Louis Vuitton Will Never Ever Be Made In China!...
  3. nope, not true!
  4. definatly not true

  5. Never say never

    But no Lv is not now made in China
  6. That's what I thought! I was so angry...not because I thought it was true but because he was passing his ignorance off as such a matter of fact kind of way. I was so sure when I told him it wasn't true and I told him where the bags were made and the only places where they can be purchased. Can a man be jealous of a woman carrying a LV bag....?????? LOL

    You see I was so PO'd that I had to log in here after several months of being I know that you all are the AUTHORITY on this and I wanted to shut him down!
  7. I remember you! Welcome back.
    Not true. I would cry if it was.
  8. Thank you LV Lover! I missed the board. I just got so busy. We relocated to a different state.
  9. yeah.....right! No way..
  10. lol....
    maybe he meant, Chinatown......
  11. Funny enough I was just thinking of you and wondering where you were! I don't know if you remember me but I randomly thought of you!
  12. Yea as far as I know they are only made in Spain, France or USA...some of the Limited Editions are made in Italy...(my motard biker that I just picked up today is made in Italy!!!)
  13. i wish people would quit hatin on LV!!
  14. No authentic LV factories located in China.....not yet anyway.
  15. I would say you handled yourself well!