Settle a dispute between me and my twin.

  1. My sister and I have a constant disagreement over what kind of outfit should be defined as "casual." Here's the outfit (with me in it), and give your verdict, TIA! :wlae:

    Btw, excuse the dirty floor, I wasn't in my house.:rolleyes:

  2. that's pretty casual to me
  3. Yup, I'd call that casual too.
  4. looks casual to me as well
  5. If you want to de-casualize it just a bit, put a jacket or cardigan over the cami, swap the scarf for something classic like a gold (or goldtone) herringbone chain, simple gold earrings, either hoops or understated mini-chandeliers, change the jeans to dark ones without cuffs.
  6. Actually, it is my sister who insists the outfit is not casual because of the scarf, the top and the flats. She thinks that any outfit that doesn't include sneakers or a holey shirt isn't casual.
  7. lol tell her to get out of her sneakers and dirty shirt and dress like a GIRL! it's one of the main joys of having a vijayjay.
  8. Casual but I wouldn't say super casual ... anytime you add accessories, it becomes less casual....
  9. it's casual
  10. yeah, i'd say that's casual.
  11. It is casual for sure!
  12. LMAO. I'm sooooo getting her to read this thread.
  13. casual. what is her idea of dressy?
  14. That's what I was wondering too :confused1:
  15. IMO blue jeans are by definition "casual."