Setting your Madame Claudes Free - Removing the Halter


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Sep 16, 2008
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Ok I didn't want to start a new thread but it really didn't fit in maintenance or the chat thread. It's pretty momentous too as this is the first thread I've started! :nuts:

I know a few of you have the same problem with the MC as I do. The halter in the back of the shoe annoys me big time!!!

I wore them to work on Friday and I was losing blood flow to my right big toe so I took a pair of scissors to them and cut the halter out of my right shoe only as an experiment.

As you guys know the halter makes your foot sit forward and creates a gap at the back of the shoe.

This is a picture of my right foot with the halter intact:

As you can see there is quite a sizeable gap there. It did however keep my foot in securely. And make my big toe turn bright red! Oh gosh, just realised the hair in the pic, sorry, how disgusting! :Push:

Here's a picture I took tonight without the halter as the one I took on Friday wasn't as good:

Excuse my funky pj's! :P As you can see the foot sits more into the back than it did previously. The gap is pretty much non-existant.

The only problem is that since some of the elastic is still in the shoe heel it actually rubs against the sides of my heels and is quite annoying. Overall it does feel a lot more comfortable without the halter and I class it as a successful experiment! There is a little bit of heel slippage sometimes.

Here's a pic of the heel with the elastic cut out of it:

I think what I may have to do is get a really thin bandaid like heel grip and cover the heel area to prevent further rubbing or take it to a cobbler to get the rest of the elastic removed. I might even try to get it out myself.

If anyone has done a similar thing to their MC's I'd be interested in knowing about what you did to get the elastic out or how you prevented the rubbing etc.

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Jul 31, 2008
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Wow littlemissb! They look fabulous on you, the fit looks MUCH better without the halter, IMO. I tried them on at Saks and that was why I decided against them, the halter rub/was uncomfortable on the back of my heel.

I would think a cobbler could remove the rest of the elastic. You may be able to use a smooth, very thin heel grip(My SA at Saks give me these) to cover the back part of the heel so the opening where the halter was located don't irritate or bother you.

You should not have to use a Bandaid after what you paid for those beauties! Just PM me if you can't find any (and I will ask next time I am shoe shopping). :sunnies
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Feb 6, 2008
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They are gorgeous on you lilmiss!
What about lining the inside with some thin moleskin or a Foot Petals Heel Grip to smooth out the friction?


Jul 28, 2008
The MC does look better on you after the halter is removed. I love the leopard print, it's super sexy. I hope you can get the rest of the elastic out or be able to use a very thin heel grip, cos you totally rock those MCs.


Dec 7, 2006
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that was the main reason I took my EB suede MCs back...never thought to remove the elastic! Might have to rethink them now, thanks lilmiss! Let us know what worked the best on the back of the shoe, I was thinking a piece of moleskin, like jet said.


Jul 27, 2008
YAY!!! i am so glad you pioneered this! as you know, i recently got the roccia lizard ones and the strappy thing in the back annoyed the crap out of me even while just trying on in the house. they MUST go. i contemplated cutting them off myself too, but stopped since i can be so neurotic and worried i would end up damaging the shoes.

the thing with them is that they are placed so oddly, right in the middle of the biggest part of my heel! it should have been placed higher so it can hug the small part of the heel to help keep the shoe on the foot.

do you notice if the heel slippage is more without the elastic? i suppose i can put heel grips in there once they are gone... i think i am going to take them to my cobbler to have removed, and also to stretch out the toebox a little bit. they are crazy tight i think they are cutting circulation off to my toes :wacko: but the shoe is sexy as hell!


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Aug 17, 2009
Don't the shoes slip without the elastic? Your idea is brilliant, I can only imagine comfort but sounds good :smile:

As for removing last piece of elastic, maybe cut as much as possible and then gently use a kind of sandpaper/emery?


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Dec 19, 2006
Thanks for being brave and doing this lilmissb! They do look absolutley hot on you and now you can wear them with blood flow to your big toe. Now that, is truly wearing them in good health.


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Sep 16, 2008
Down Under
Thanks everyone for all the thanks, suggestions and compliments! :flowers:

That's so nice of you to offer authentic! I'll keep you posted and I won't resort to bandaids just yet! ;)

Aww thanks Jet! I didn't think of moleskin, great thought Jet & archy. I worry that a foot petal heel grip might be a tad thick. I do have one so maybe tonight after work I'll try one in there and see what happens.

Alice I'm determined to work them :biggrin:

My foot still stays the shoe drea. I find that by cutting the halter out my foot has more room to expand into once it warms up.

I totally agree carlinha! It's such an odd place to put the halter. Most of the time when I put on the shoe it actually feels really uncomfortable and I have to poke around and adjust the halter. As to heel slippage I'd rather have a heel grip in there than that silly elastic! I think it slips a little because being 120's my foot slips forward a little naturally so sometimes there is a gap but overall there isn't much. I say take yours to your trusted cobbler and put it this way if he can take it out he should be able to replace it if you want the halter put back in.

Thanks for the suggestion LilySatine. The remainder of the halter seems to be firmly sewed into the lining but I'm going to have a little dig around to see whereabouts it's anchored to. Not sure about sanding it down though, I might have to get someone else to do it for me!

Hehehehehe Lav! Yup, good health means blood flow! :P

Oh and I should have said at the beginning that I got these TTS not half a size up if that helps anyone with sizing issues and cutting the halter. :smile:
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Jun 4, 2008
I tried on a pair of MC's and for me the halter was the selling point. Of course, I only walked around the shoe department. I am still on trying to decide if I want to purchase this style. They are really sexy, though!


Feb 6, 2009
Southern California
That's a great idea! I have not worn mine out yet, but it doesn't seem to bother me when I try them on. Of course, that could change once I wear them.