Setting Question!

  1. So I've been married for almost two years now and I have gone through 3 settings already and I'm still not satisfied with my ring. My first setting was a knife edge but after the birth of our daughter, it didn't fit so nicely and when I went to get it resized, I decided to change the setting to a trellis setting.

    Well, let's just say it didn't turn out the way I had hoped and I went back to have it made into a tiffany setting and somehow got talked out of it :sad: My ring now has a very plain solitaire setting but I still feel the band is too wide for my narrow hands.

    All along I've wanted a tiffany setting and I've let myself get talked out of it each time. So this time I'm going to do it (4th time's a charm but I just need to decide between a 4 prong setting and a 6 prong setting.

    Now I know tiffany is a 6 prong setting but I'm having this made by a custom jeweler so I could use a 4 prong if I want. My ring is a .81 ct round brilliant cut diamond, F/vs2 (we opted for clarity over size) and has always been in a 4 prong setting. I LOVE the look of the tradition 6 prong tiffany setting but I'm worried it will make my diamond look smaller because it covers more of it.

    Any suggestions? Help, advice needed!
  2. i would go for 4 prongs for a stone that size.
  3. 4 prog allows for more light to shine through the diamand and makes it look more sparkley - it also makes it look a little more "square" in shape than the 6-prong, which makes the diamond look more "round". The 6-prog setting is the traditional tiffany setting, however, it blocks more of the light.

    If you have had your heart set on the 6-prong Tiffany setting for so long, that is what you should go with. All in all its your decision.
  4. That's true. I have a 4 prong setting for my round diamond and sometimes people ask me what shape it is.
  5. Maybe you could ask your jeweler if he has a similar set diamond you could look at in both the 4 prong and 6 prong to see which you like better. I think I would go with the 4 prong to get more sparkle.
  6. Texas Girl - you are brilliant! :idea:
  7. I think Tiffany sizes the prongs based on the size of the stone. I don't know if you've always loved the Tiffany style will the 4 prong work for you?