Setting off alarms!

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  1. Hi everyone, it's been a while since I posted on here.

    I have a neverfull MM, a mini pochette, and an Emilie wallet. All my beloved possessions.

    I have discovered that when I go to the mall and walk through the entrance I set off the alarms. Only some stores this happens in, it is a majority of the stores though! I'm currently in Quebec Canada and it's pretty difficult explaining that "my bag sets off the alarms I don't know why" in English when everyone speaks French haha.

    I searched my bag, pochette, and wallet and I can't find any security tags leftover or anything.

    Do you guys have any ideas? Does this happen to you? I would appreciate any help it's the strangest thing!
  2. Sometimes the magnetic strip is REALLY hidden. Go back to LV if you can.
  3. Yep I bet you have one of those little rectangular security things in there... Especially in a pocket of the wallet or down in the seam of the pocket of the NF or something? Keep looking. :smile:
  4. it could be your coat, or another item in your purse. Look for a "soft tag", these are usually sewn into labels of coats, hats, scarfs, or sometimes stuck to make up items, etc.
    I'm in Montreal and once I was setting off alarms in almost every store I went in to. I was going crazy and a girl at lululemon actually helped me find the tag and it was in my hat!
    Hope that helps

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  5. Wow, that's not a good thing. Keep look for all the other items you carry. and event the clothes you are wearing. Hope you can find what is causing it.
  6. I was also thinking it would be nice if I could take out like let's say my wallet and walk through with that and see if it beeps just so I can rule out some of the items! I'll keep searching I cant seem to find it though! I'll do another serious search!!

    It's so nerve wracking and embarrassing! Especially with the language barrier haha.

    I'm going to search again! Is there anything it could be other than a tag? Like if I can't find one?

    I would go to LV but I don't have one close to me, I will def make time for a trip if I can't solve this though!
  7. Are you sure its your bag? I had some jeans that I didnt realize had a soft tag in...I set off alarms every time I wore them, until I searched every item I had on and found the tag in my jeans!
  8. You should also check your coat. My daughters both set off alarms at Barnes and Noble one time and it ended up being their coats. The lady that worked there did something to their coats and that stopped the beeping for good.
  9. I feel for you! I once dragged a tag with shoe inserts into my boots. As I had worn the boots for years without a problem, I didn't check them at all, until it dawned on me that one of the new inserts was the tag-infested culprit. :biggrin:
  10. oh geesh, it can be embarrassing.
    I had it happen to me once.
    I found an extra soft tag of an item in a dust bag separate from my purchase.

    Do check yourself and go back if this keeps happening.
  11. It happened to me last week after buying a my SC PM from Nieman Marcus's LV boutique, and I left just fine, but as I entered Bloomindales the security alarm went off. I called the LV SA immediately at Bloomies to explain what happened, and she immediately apologized and said that the other SA who helped wrap my goodie in the box forgot to remove the security tag on the old price tag, she said that Neima Marcus no longer uses that security system, hence it didn't alarm when I left there. Anyway, I opened the box and found the tag, and sure enough removed the tag, and left Bloomies just fine. hope you find it!
  12. FOUND IT!

    I feel a little dumb now haha I went through everything in my bag over and over again. One thing caught my eye, for christmas I got a nice expensive pen and I keep it in it's case, when I opened the case I can lift out an insert and there is an instruction manual, about the brand, ect, and on that paper was a very little minuscule security tag!

    I was so relieved and excited!!!! I feel bad I blamed my lv's when it was my pen the whole time haha very relieved I won't be having to deal with that again!!!

    Thank you all so much for your help!
  13. It's a shame stores have to be sneakier than shoplifters.
    Glad u found it!
  14. Glad you found it! I would have been turning my bags inside out as well!!!
  15. Glad to hear that you found it...wherever you bought that pen from owes you an apology.

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