Setting a goal- calling all runners!

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  1. The other day I decided that I wanted to set some new fitness goals for myself because I feel that I have really slowed down since I've had my son (last June).

    So I've started back on my Pilates and I also decided that I want to train to run a half-marathon. I've watched my dh run several marathons and have always wanted to run in a longer race, but then always gave up a couple weeks into training. So, in order to keep me motivated I am announcing her to my lovely PF ladies that I intend to run in the Las Vegas Half Marathon in December and that I am not going to let anything interfere with my training this time!

    I can use any advice/support from fellow runners. Also, if anyone wants to join in on the training we can motivate each other. Maybe some of you would even want to run the same race and then do a marathon of Vegas shopping afterward!
  2. Hi, runner here! A half marathon would be a great accomplishment. Are you new to running? If so, I really recommend the Couch to 5k Program, which can be found here:

    It's a running program that will have you doing a 5k (3.1 miles) race in 8 weeks.

    The best thing to do is not rush into it. I started out small, and built up my mileage, then worked on speed. To me, it was more important to be able to finish the mileage goal I had set for myself. I was up to around 18 miles a week last year when I had an injury, illiotibial band syndrome. It happened after I started running 10k (6.2 miles) 3 times a week. I ended up at the doctor and then had 8 weeks of physical therapy. I had to stop running completely. Now, I don't run as much as I used to, at the most 12 miles a week, usually it's around 10. I also had to slow my speed, down from a 9 minute mile to a 10 minute. It sucks :rolleyes: But I'm determined to keep running, so I've learned to deal with the decreased mileage and speed, since my upper leg starts hurting every now and then.

    Your goal of a half marathon in December sounds good. That's a little more than 6 months away, and if you stick to it, you should do awesome! Be sure that you're eating enough to fuel your runs, and drink lots of water. Oh, and in my opinion, it's better to start running outside rather than on a treadmill. A treadmill is easier, running outside on a trail or asphalt (try to stay away from concrete sidewalks, it's killer on your knees) is much more challenging :smile:

    I look forward to hearing about your progress, GOOD LUCK! :cool:
  3. Go runners go runners go!!!!!

    I shall not run, but I wil think about you when I am driving in my car... :amuse:
  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Megs, you're so funny!!!

    Seriously, Cristina is right. Definitely build up to that distance. I really enjoy running but for the most part, I am not allowed to since I've damaged my ACL and meniscus badly and technically still in recovery. I couldn't walk for several months. I so envy you doing this and wish I could be there doing it too! I will be definitely rooting for you! You go, girl! :rochard: :rochard: :biguns: :biguns:
  5. Oh what a great idea!!!
    I have run 2 marathons and lots of 1/2s and 10Ks. Running is fabulous exercise, and all you ever need is a pair of shoes.
    As Cristina and BalenciagaLove mentioned, go SLOW!
    The #1 mistake people make is trying to up their mileage too quickly. Your body needs time to's a lot of stress on your bones, joints, and muscles, over 3 times your body weight in force with every stride. Newbies often overdo it, get a nagging injury, which makes them feel like crap when they run, and then they just give up.

    I have trained as much as 50 miles a week, and I have never had a serious injury. I have zero false pride, if it hurts, I take a day off.
    Oh, and make sure you get proper shoes!
    Running is wonderful, I do Pilates as well, they are very complementary.
  6. I've been running 5K's for the last 7 months but then I got a knee and hamstring injury so I had to really cut down. I always train outdoors and make sure to stretch before and after the run. I wish you success on your'll do great!
  7. thanks for all the encouragement!

    I am definitely starting slow to avoid getting hurt. Right now, I am running a mile or so three times a week. It is going well and I am excited to continue with my training!
  8. I've always wanted to start running and I'm going to do that this summer, as soon as I've recovered from my foot injury :sad: I wish I could start now... Oh well!

    That couch to 5k program sounds ideal for me, thanks for the link Cristina :flowers: Good luck to everyone with their goals :yes::biggrin:
  9. Did I mention that I gain weight when I finish training for a race? I get used to eating more and burning it off with no problem and then, uh-oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Runner's World sends out emails every couple of days. You just have to sign up to their site. I always find that they are very inspirational.

    I would start off with 5Ks and then move up to 10Ks before tackling the half-marathon. A half-marathon is a very realistic goal. I have run one and it was very rewarding.

    Good luck.

    Get a good pair of running shoes and find someone to train with. There should be a running club somewhere around where you live.