Seting up Ebay to sell some one else's stuff??

  1. Hi,
    I have an older friend who is a shopaholic, and has been a fashionista for most of her life. She has tons of vintage bags, clothes-all top designer stuff.

    We got to talking, and I said she should sell somethings on eBay to just make money and not just let her stuff sit in a garage.

    I've avoided eBay myself-but she's not computer literate and I am. She asked if I would sell the things for her-and my questions are:

    1. Has anyone done this for someone else?

    2. What are the pros and cons of doing this for someone else?

    3. What would be fair compensation of I set up things for her, do the work and she supplies the bags?

  2. I've done it for my sister and others. . . I just took a small fee from the Paypal payments, she e-mailed me the photos and bullet point descriptions.
  3. Thanks Swanky Mom. Do you already sell on eBay yourself?
  4. :yes:
  5. Yes you could sell for her, make sure that she will cover all your fees - listing, final value & paypal fees & perhaps arrange to have some percentage for your trouble.
  6. Consignment shops charge anywhere from 25-35% of final value to cover fees and shipping and the remainder for their efforts. eBay and Paypal fees on average total between 7-10% (depending on whether the buyer is an international eBayer when PayPal fees are a little higher).
  7. Bag Angel and Smoothoprter,
    Thanks for your tips!! I would have never even thought of all those little hidden costs. I didn't know what consignment shops charged either-but she said they charged too much, so she has been giving them away to goodwill stores or her family members-but she still has two full garages of stuff!!

    She bought Prada long before they were well-known or popular in the U mainstream, and whatever major designer-you name it she has it.

    Anymore tips please let me know. I lurk in her every so often and get scared off of the ebay idea-but this could be a no lose way for me to learn.:jammin:
  8. If you are hesitant, start with some of the low-end and not so important (or valuable) stuff first.

    To save yourself the trouble, make sure that you have everything authenticated first. Post links here, and/or use the Ebay Bags, Shoes, Accessories, Etc, forum to have them identify the bags and whatnot for you. Ebay seems to be pulling even honest sellers' auctions lately due to authenticity issues.

    If you haven't been on Ebay before, it will take some time to get yourself established. So don't get frustrated if it takes a little while to get bidders.

    In any case, GOOD LUCK!
  9. Go with what you think is right.
  11. Thanks guys, but asking her to get her receipts together was the first thing I asked her to do.

    This lady is near retirement and has no kids. So, she says she has no problem with getting what she wants. She's really an old school diva and a big "bag snob". She even still has versace catalogs from the 80's!!Lol.

    But I will start small for her and will be back taking advantage of the wealth of wisdom here
  12. It would be the Shoes, Handbags & Accessorieds Discussion Group on ebay.

    I would set up a totelly different ID to sell her stuff. Buy a bunch of small items to build up some FB - like maybe books or DVD's. All you need is a second e-mail address. That will keep her ID separate from yours.

    Absolutely make sure you use an ebay fee calculator to determine the appx listing costs of what you are selling.

    Use a spreadsheet so you can show her the fees, postage, etc so she knows what it is costing her.

    Start the item at no less than what she is willing to accept for the item, plus the fees, plus your %.