seth?! antony!? joel?! too many fine bags from mulberry to choose from!

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  1. hey all, i want a swing pack, but something that will never go out of style. so i was thinking mulberry.

    the mulberry seth? joel? antony? which do you prefer or do you know of other kinds?
  2. Pictures please? :shame:
  3. my confession... I read your title so fast I thought there would be hot guys in here. :shame: where is my mind?
  4. lol! Cute :P For a split second, my mind saw Seth Green & Joel Madden (Hilary Duff's boyfriend).
  5. any photos?
  6. I like Martha ( but maybe you are looking for a bag that is slimmer than that ). Would post pictures from the internet if I knew how.
  7. LOL yeah i was thinking that too when i was writing it lol :P i googled it but i cant find any pictures besides the website :/ and then i dont know where to buy them in the first place in nj..
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