Set my mind on Black Reissue 227 w Gold HW

  1. After much research, I've finally decide that I'll get the Black Reissue 227 w Gold HW. Have anyone seen this bag in any store recently? Is this bag the 2005 bag or 2006 also carries it?
  2. The black reissue with gold hardware is the 50th ann edition. It is marked on the inside with 2.55-2005. It's a stunning bag. I understand that a similar one is being released soon but without the stamp.
  3. Do u hv any idea if it will look similar to the 2005? Its not the patent black reissue that you are referring to, right?
  4. do a search on black reissue in this forum cause i had the same question last week. a girl with an id cali_girl had one on hold for her at nm palo alto. and another girl mentioned similar thing... i forget get her id though.

    i just purchased mine last week from the chanel vegas boutique. they said it was the last one in the system so you may have to go to department stores...

    i know the chanel boutique in ny (57th st) has the 2006 reissue black with silver hardware...
  5. Oh dear, I usu get my bags from Vagas too. :crybaby: I hope my SA is able to do some miracles. Thank you for the info. Anyone out there who has seen a 227 Black reissue in gold hw, appreciate if you can let me know. Thanks in advance.
  6. You can try Saks! I'm almost positive that they still have some. The Saks in Bala Cynwyd, PA had a 227 a few weeks ago, but it had some kind of make-upy smudge on it. But I remember calling a few Saks looking for the 226 before I got mine, and they kept telling me all they had was the 227 size.