Services for the cabat

  1. Can the cabat be serviced back to almost new? I wonder if Bottega does services such as Hermes that refurbish and recondition its leather good. Since the cabat is handwoven, can they even replace the leather strips once it gets worn or even redye the faded parts? I've heard that only the classic colors can be fixed but I've also read otherwise, so what's the right information? I'm not sure if Bottega's service is as inclusive as Hermes which can work wonders on its worn leather goods because I think it'll be a big deciding factor for me to get another birkin or a cabat. Thanks :flowers:
  2. i would definitely call up a store manager and inquire; they are usually very knowledgable and helpful.

    HTH :smile:
  3. i know a torn strip can be repaired since it happened to me. the first time i used my noce cabat i noticed a strip was torn. they were pretty good at bottega. they didn't give me a new bag but did have it repaired very quickly and i must say it was perfect and has been fine.
  4. That's good to know. I like a place where they stand behind their products and clients 100%.
  5. Also, does the seasonal color cabat ever go on sale at the end of the season? I remember someone said that a noce cabat was offered for sale on bluefly?! Would it be a better investment to buy classic colors than the current seasonal choices? Thanks
  6. I know that they do things like replace the suede lining on their other bags so I imagine that they refurbish their worn out bags also.