Services for out-of-season colors

  1. Suppose your out of season bag, say...the ottone cabat, needs to be rewove and have some worn strips and edges replaced; would they be able to help you with that? Or is services like this only reserved for classic colors like nero or ebano? I wonder if they'd still have color dyes or spare parts of limited seasonal pieces after a few years should your bag needs refurbishment or reconditioning?
  2. That is an excellent question. I never thought of that and don't know the answer.
  3. Yes, they can still remake the older colors for Special Orders and/or reconditioning/refurbishment.
  4. ITA with Uclaboi, My bag was a good 5 seasons old, but they did redye the leather needed to repair the weave and now it is as good as new!
  5. Wonderful! Thanks everyone. I was under the impression that only classic colors can be serviced but I'm so glad to learn that every piece deserves the same attention.
  6. hi foxie-pooh, when i bought my karung pieces and my carmine montaigne i was advised by the sa that they can be serviced as well, so no worries!