1. I keep getting these messages in my email box. I get at least 3 throughout the day. It is really pissing me off. I open it but do not respond. There is nothing in the message. I know it is a scam, and I have forwarded to spam at eBay, but hear nothing.

    What can I do????
  2. Also do not carry on opening them as if they are a scam the person or robot sending them will know you have an active email . If you do not open them it will eventually stop. I had alot of chinese sellers sending me sales messages ie:10 or more a day ... i stopped opening them and 1week later they stopped coming :yahoo:

  3. I'll second that!
  4. I did that and they still keep coming.
  5. Ugh, I hate these too! I get about one or two a day. I always forward them to
  6. how does the fake paypal email looks like? i;ve never gotten any...:sweatdrop::nogood: