Service @ Lee Garden, Hong Kong..

  1. I was in high hopes when i drove to the lv store in Hk .. to exchange my sunset into a roxybury.. cos me & my bf thinks it will be a more versatile bag..

    I reached there and realized that my regular SA is not working today ... I have to wait 15 mins till I can actually talk to someone for 30 secs. The roxybury is out of stock .. I was so disappointed then he walked away from me.. when I was abt to asked for something else.. he is soo rude... so I waited and he seems like he is showing me mercy when he talked t me again and he continue saying that he is so busy and wasnt able to check stock for me, why dont I travel to other stores and check it out myself in every store .... i was like er.. excuse me there is me, myself and I and 2 other people here how busy can u be.. with 5 SA standing there .. !!

    I really give a :tdown: for the service in that particular store... if it is not the closet one to me .. i would definitely not go there.. i was so mad that i was so close to blah out " I am not going to buy from the brand again" :push: Is lucky that I didnt say that or else I will be in so much trouble...

    Does anyone has problem with the sales in Lee Garden as well ?
  2. ughhhh!! I never had any problems @ Lee when I went there, maybe you could write a letter to the manager, ughhh he's a b****!! I would definitely do something about it if I were you.. sorry to hear that
  3. Ahhh, I haven been to the lv stores in HK but I'll remmeber this.
  4. Sorry about your horrible experience!! So you didnt get a credit note to get your roxbury when it comes in?
    Maybe go to a different store and see a nice SA? xx
  5. So sorry you were being treated that way :heart:
  6. those snooty SA who thinks they can mistreat customers like us. Ewww, i hope they get their sorry asses fired. Please do something, write to the manager or someone. They must be stopped. Every now and then, we hear stories like this. Sorry if i sound pissed, i know that if i was an SA i would never act like that. Do keep us updated. :yes:
  7. I didnt get a credit note cos he refuse to take it .. he said it will be too much work for him to do. Why dont I take it back when I can find something else ? oh well.. I reported him and hopefully I could locate a roxbury soon with my regular SA @ that store tomorrow.

    Well.. I would feel a little awarkard to walk into the store again tomorrow but oh well.. I just want my Roxbury .. !!
  8. dont feel awarkward he was the one being rude....its his job and he has no right what so ever so be like that...your the customer shopping hes supposed to help i would just ignore him and deal with your normal SA!
  9. Sorry to hear you had crappy service!
    Maybe you should write a letter to the manager?
  10. I called Customer Service and file a report with them . I want them to call me back tomorrow to follow up ... and I will write to the Regional Manager if I dont get a satisfying answer.. i might seems overreacting but I dont like the fact that when I buy shoes & clothes they treat me like queen and when I am getting a considerably cheaper bag thats the attitude they are giving me !
  11. every time i go into any of the lv's in hk its sooo busy, well usually tehre is TONS of ppl, mainly from mainland and buying tons of bags at once. and once in taiwan, they had to close the doors and not let any more ppl in cause it was soooo busy. but yeah i don't think service in hk's lv's are that great, especially the one in ocean terminal TST
  12. Out of all the LV stores I've been to in HK (Peninsula, Lee Gardens, Landmark, Pacific Place) Lee Gardens is my LEAST favourite!!! I, too, have had to stand there for like 10 minutes before anyone would talk to me...they were telling each other HOW TO BUTTON UP THEIR JACKET, while I was standing at the counter waiting for someone to help.

    My favs are Pacific Place and Landmark...Pacific Place has the best customer service, and Landmark just has sooo many SAs it's nearly impossible to not have anyone help you within 5 minutes.

  13. Yea I agree with u in Landmark and Pacific Place but sometimes since I Lee Garden store is close to where my daily activities are..... I would just pop by and see whats in there and if there is anything new... Guess I shouldnt be lazy for my favourite brand huh.. :push:
  14. Just got a call back from the Supervisor from the store... She locate the bag for me in the same store which will be ready to pick up today or tomorrow .. since today is a public holiday .. I will stay away from the store, I will go pick up my Roxybury tomorrow.. Yah.. I am so super excited and happy abt it.. I cant wait..
  15. i hate LV @ lee gardens. seriously!