Service at Hermes Las Vegas

  1. So I was just there earlier this week...and I'm sorry to say that the service I got there was AWFUL!:cursing: (Thank you to whoever added this smiley!).

    I walked in there to find a boxcalf Kelly and a couple of Bolides. The SA who greeted me seemed nice at 1st. She asked if she could help, and I mentioned that I was thinking of buying a Bolide, and there were 2 on the shelf (blue jean and chocolate, I think). She showed me the 2 on the shelf and offered to grab more from the back. Then she asked what color I wanted. I said pretty much anything except blue jean, black, gold, or chocolate because I already had 3 Kellys and a Birkin in those colors, and I like variety....Suddenly, she turned into a (not very good) undercover investigator and said, "Oh! You can get so much $ for those bags on the Internet, huh?". I suspected something at this point, but decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and said, "Well, it's true that some people have offered some $ to me for my bags on the street, esp. my Birkin." Her eyes grow wide, and she says, "Oh, yea. 3-year waitlist, huh?". I answered, "No. Actually, I got lucky, so I didn't have to wait long." She then turns more interrogative and says, "So you bought it from an online reseller, didn't you?" I got upset at this point and said, "NO. I bought all my Hermes bags from Hermes STORES". She then said, "Out of the country, I assume". I said no, I have a great relationship with a SA at another US store, and she hooked me up. She then demanded to know which store I got them from, so I just walked away.

    I was on vacation with my family, so I decided not to make a big deal of it. But I couldn't be silent, so I called the store the next day and spoke with the manager. I told him what happened, and he nicely apologized and promised to speak with the SA because he agreed that what she did was wrong. He invited me to come back to the store, and I did, but I still didn't see anything I was interested in....OH, well...It's OK. It's worth the wait for my vert olive Birkin.
  2. ugh! I am so sorry to hear that! yuck!!!!!!!
    good for you to speak up to the manager. was the SA there when you visited the 2nd time?
    that's unbelievable rude! :yucky::yucky::yucky::yucky:
  3. I am really not surprised at your story, but disappointed. I have heard some wonderful things coming out of that Hermes and then I have heard some awful. You really did the right thing to telephone the manager. In the scope of it all it doesn't make that big of a difference in your case, but if she does this to several people and they all call maybe it will then make a difference. (I rambled there, but I think you know what I mean)

    I hope you did not let that ruin your vacation at all. I really wish they would be all smiles and helpful to people. You know, sort of how the workers were long ago at Disney World. You never encountered a rotten apple if you know what I mean? It was always clean, people nice, and everything perfect. The sales people at DIsney broke their backs for you and always with a smile. That is how Hermes should be and how we want it. Why not?

    You know what? I am glad you did not purchase would not make for a good story with the bag once it was in your hands. Wait for that vert olive! Oh, and have a nice weekend.
  4. I'm so sorry you have to deal with that crap. That SA sure was rude ... :cursing: Ugh ... Did you get her name so we can all avoid her?
  5. Yes- can you tell me her name. I hope it wasn't Dawn - because I love Dawn. She's sweet as pie!
  6. Ugh, why does she care where you got your bags from? She should be glad that you are a happy customer and not worry about the rest. Yes, if you could please pass on her name so we know who to avoid. Otherwise, I hope the rest of your trip was fun!!! glad to have you back, R!
  7. Oh For GODS Sake!!!! Who was that SA?????? I am very, very glad you spoke with the manager because really that is unacceptible behaviour! Was she there when you went back? wow......I dealt with a woman with an accent and then a lovely Asian lady who's name escapes me now....Bagg would know because she dealt with her in the past. Oh brother....I am so sorry you had to go through the third should NEVER be that way since it's no-one business where you buy your things from.
  8. That's awful!!! I can't believe some ppl! Not only was that extremely unprofessional, it was rude and out of line! Kudos to you for informing the manager. I hope he had a good chat with her and she actually realises what she had done and bloody refrain from repeating the same behaviour with someone else.
  9. What a busybody:censor:

    What nerve to give you the third degree. I would have been furious and told her it was none of her business. I would have gone straight to the Manager. I glad you left and didn't leave any money at that boutique!!!:cursing:

    Experiences of that nature are very upsetting esp. when you are on vacation and just want to have a good time.
  10. omg ! What a stupid rude SA, I thought they were there to sell, not lose sales. Tiny minds...

    Glad you spoke to the manager. Good for you !

    No one should be treated that way at any store.
  11. ^ Ditto everyone! That is unbelievable!!
  12. I'm so sorry you had to endure the rudeness of that SA. I am leaving for Las Vegas next Friday and was looking forward to visiting that store and perhaps finding a nice bag. Now I'm nervous.
  13. That is awful, and completely unjustified. You're going there to shop, not going there to get the third degree!! Ugh...
  14. The SA was there the 2nd time, but she was helping someone else, and as soon as I saw her, I averted my gaze.
  15. Thanks...I plan to have a nice, relaxing weekend before I hit the daily grind again on Monday. I expect nothing less than the best service from Hermes, and that's the case even after this experience. I, too, am glad I didn't see anything I liked in Vegas. To be honest, if I had bought a bag from there, it would've made me a little angry to see it in my home, knowing how much I would've spent and how I was treated.

    I agree that more voices would make a complaint more significant, but I can only hope that the store manager would adopt a similar philosophy that the business manager at my company uses: every complaint voiced by a client should be taken very seriously because for every one complainer, there's actually 10-15 more. There are so many people who have something to say, but don't for various reasons (some don't speak English, some are afraid of retaliation, etc.).