Server being naughty?

  1. 'Ello,

    Keep having issues with loading pages, where the page I go to just comes up blank and I often have to refresh it a couple of times to get it to load. It's happened to me several times already today on all areas of tPF; I'm also on a couple of other forums and have been to several websites but without the same issues so it does seem a local thing.

    Anyone else getting this? Admin - I'm running Firefox on OS:X Tiger if this helps. :flowers:
  2. ^ Yup, I've had some issues today as well.
  3. Me too. Sigh.... :girlsigh:
  4. I keep getting bumped off tPF too
  5. Oh, good! Nice to know I'm not just a problem child, FF seems to work so oddly with different pages sometimes I've often no idea if it's a website problem or a Frankie problem! This one was definitely on with PF though, and it did it for my Safari, IE and Explorer browsers too so for once FF is out of the loop. :sweatdrop:
  6. Right, I'm back, it must be teasing me as it's just been doing it for every darn sub-forum I've tried opening, esp. MP! Here is what I get, this is the forums front page:

  7. I'm having similar problems, mostly I get a message saying that it could not connect to the server. I use comcast and I use safari for my browser.
  8. Hum, gonna check into what's up.
  9. Told you so V!!!!!!
  10. That's some good telling there, Megs! :yes: