1. A few months ago I bought "The Skin Type Solution"(book). The author recommended a few serums. I haven't purchased a serum yet mostly due to the price tag. I wanted to get some feedback, good and bad, from those of you who have tried these products and which is the best.

    Clarins Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate
    Elizabeth Arden Overnight Success-Skin Renewal Serum
    Joey New York Calm and Correct Serum
    La Roche-Posay Toleriane Facial Fluid
    Nars Brighting Serum

  2. I haven't tried any of the ones you listed but the price isn't really as prohibitive as it sounds because most serums (at least the ones I use) last for about six months. I really really recommend using a Vitamin C serum.

    Out of the brands listed, I would go with LRP. I am not that big on using skin care products from lines that primarily focus on makeup. I like to use lines that are all about skincare.
  3. i havent tried any of the serums that you listed, but if you are looking for a serum, i wuld recommend is clinical. i have been using the super serum for a while now, and it is fantastic. it evens out my skin tone. it also speed up the healing process on the scar i got from skin biopsy.
    the price is a little steep, but it is worth ever penny.
  4. I have, use and love a serum by Juvena. Its called Juvena Juvedical serum. Its supposed to clear your skin somehow, it like also boosts skin reproduction, and makes your skin pretty sexy =] haha my sister uses it, and she has like bad acne scars, and craters, now her craters are filling up and her skin looks greaat. Me on the other hand, my skin is getting better, but hers works better, because she uses the moisturizer with it, I dont =[ hahaha but we got the serum at Sephora, pretty pricey at $125...
  5. I actually use a serum by oil of olay, and its only $20. I think its called regenerist serum. I really love the condition of my skin after I use it. It helps smooth out skin tone, and the texture of my skin is great. maybe try a less expensive brand first to see if you like it.
  6. hmmm i think this would qualify as a "serum"....i absolutely swear by estee lauder's idealist....leaves my skin feeling amazing.....i layer it over this liquid serum i use by SK II :wlae:
  7. The only one I tried was Clarins and I didn't see any noticeable difference. I do like the serums by La Mer(the one for oily skin--forgot the exact name, haven't repurchased in eons because of the price) and Skinceuticals. Both made my skin soft and noticeably more glowy and plump. I found when I stopped using them, my face looked really dull--even worse than when I started. :wtf: The one by Dr. Perricone was really good, too, but I got the same dull lifeless skin back after I stopped. It's like my skin became dependent on the serums. lol.
  8. Thanks for the tips and suggestions everyone!
  9. I love my new serum I got from my facialist in SF. It is by Vivier Kine-c and I use it with Kinerase during the day and Retin A at night and it is a perfect combo. The website is really cheesy...but I swear by the serum!:yahoo:
  10. I have used Vivier (but just the regular c serum) and the past and love it. In fact, I think I will be going back to it.
  11. I am using Aveda Tourmaline charged radiance serum right now, but to be honest, I havent seen any additional 'radiance' so far...usually I am a humongous Aveda fan but I'm not sure this was worth the $ know?
  12. Estee Lauder Advanced night repair- Protective recovery comples (the one for eyes is pretty good as well).
    I also use Estee Lauder Idealist (or Perfectionist for older skins) and its a great primer!

    I have heard that the Olay regenterist is amazing too.
  13. I've been using Kiehl's Marine serum with vitamin C for about a month now. My skin has cleared up a lot, and always feels soft in the morning when I wear it overnight. I love it! I have an oily complexion, btw.
  14. I've been using Elizabeth Arden's Good Morning Skin serum, and I honestly couldn't see any difference :shrugs: It does feel like draping your skin in a veil of silk, though, but as not too many people actually touch my skin, I don't really see the point (plus, the silky feeling doesn't last for very long)

    I've used up the bottle now, and I have a Clinique serum on the way. We'll see what I think of it :flowers:
  15. Yeah it's really good I agree :yes: makes your skin feel so smooth and soft.