serums? which ones do you like?

  1. i have finished my first bottle of Bobbi Browns serum and I'm looking to try another one any suggestions?
    light to medium skin tone
    acne prom
    and light scaring
  2. Josie Maran argan oil & you can buy it on QVC...
  3. Have you considered rosehip oil?
  4. I love Olay (Olaz) Total Effects Serum - People compliment me on my skin!!
  5. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
  6. I have normal-dry, dehydrated, clog-prone skin with a tendency to scar & mark very easily. Very fair skin.

    Lancome Genefique Youth Activating Concentrate - I know you are supposed to use it under a serum, but my skin is doing quite well just under basic moisturizer.
    Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminee 1st Wrinkle Serum
    Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing in the Summertime when I'm oilier.
  7. This is a review I read on MUA for EL Advanced Night Repair... it made me laugh SOO hard.

    "I'm now in my mid-thirties. I used to smoke. It started to show about age 31, when I couldn't help but notice I always looked tired in the morning, no matter how much sleep I'd gotten. "You're not tired. You're old," my older sister explained. I bought a bottle of this brown stuff, then, because it was expensive, which felt important in a magical thinking way, and because it was much recommended by magazines and it didn't seem like a trendy thing but very dowdy and I figured if it was dowdy it had to be doing something not to be discontinued after all this time. I had no idea if it was doing anything, actually. I just kept using it before bed, like I just kept brushing my teeth. Then I went away on a trip for a week and I forgot to take it. Two days into my trip, when I looked in the mirror one morning, I stopped breathing briefly. My face looked like unfolded origami. I cursed every delicious cigarette and every warm bask in the sun. When I got home, in what I felt was an advanced state of decomposition, I carefully washed and exfoliated and aspirin-masked and then slapped the brown stuff on followed by my usual basic moisturizer. A few days on, I looked plausibly like a woman who could still bear children. After a week, I got catcalled by one of those unemployed guys who hangs out next to the bakery. I glared at him, yet I confess I felt relief. I think this stuff does something. What or how, I cannot tell you, but I am not leaving it behind again."

    I use ANR and just think it makes me skin look better. But mainly I use it because I've seen so many older woman that don't look older and they've used it for years :smile: So I use it as a prevention.

    I LOVE EL Idealist for help with my pores. I won't go a day without this. I also just started using Lancome Visoinaire. I think I like it, but it is super duper expensive. I started using DDF Glycolic Toner at the same time, so it's hard to tell which is the one helping my skin LOL.
  8. We actually seem to have the same type skin tone... and I really love the Josie Maran Argan Oil, it works well for so many things! :smile:
  9. I second all the recommendations for oil. Even though it sounds counterintuitive to use oil on oily or combo skin, it actually helps. Argan oil and rosehip oil are both terrific. Good luck.
  10. thank you ladies =]
  11. Try the new MAC Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion! I love it. We have similar skin.
  12. I use Chanel's hydralife and Estée lauders ANR
  13. vit c serum, but you can't put it on straight because it is harsh like retinol (vitamin A) I buy mine on Amazon with vit E and ferulic acid help to stabalize it and are great powerful antioxidants as well. I put 3 drops in my daily moisterizer, and added bonus, Vit C is a natural sun protectant.
  14. I use Skinceuticals CE Ferulic. It's amazing. I have oily skin. It doesn't break me out and I find that it makes spots/scars fade faster.
  15. Kate Somerville Total Vitamin... Good for daytime use and has vitamin C. It's a decent price, too.